NBA Predictions – December 12, 2017

Get our data driven NBA predictions for all of tonight’s games including Wizards at Nets, Hawks at Cavs, Spurs at Mavs, Nuggets at Pistons, Sixers at Timberwolves, Lakers at Knicks, Suns at Kings.

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NBA Predictions for December 12, 2017:

Washington Wizards 53% Get Predicted -3
Brooklyn Nets 47% Score 213.5
Atlanta Hawks 38% Get Predicted 0
Cleveland Cavaliers 62% Score 0
San Antonio Spurs 54% Get Predicted 0
Dallas Mavericks 46% Score 0
Denver Nuggets 44% Get Predicted 0
Detroit Pistons 56% Score 0
Philadelphia 76ers 38% Get Predicted 0
Minnesota Timberwolves 62% Score 0
Los Angeles Lakers 38% Get Predicted 212.5
New York Knicks 62% Score -4
Phoenix Suns 43% Get Predicted 212
Sacramento Kings 57% Score -4

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