NBA Predictions – December 8, 2017

Get our data driven NBA predictions for all of tonight’s games including Bulls at Hornets, Warriors at Pistons, Cavs at Pacers, Raptors at Grizzlies, Mavs at Bucks, Kings at Pelicans, Nuggets at Magic and Celtics at Spurs.

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NBA Predictions for December 8, 2017:

Chicago Bulls 44% Get Predicted 203.5
Charlotte Hornets 56% Score -10.5
Golden State Warriors 54% Get Predicted -4.5
Detroit Pistons 46% Score 213
Cleveland Cavaliers 45% Get Predicted -3
Indiana Pacers 55% Score 219.5
Toronto Raptors 47% Get Predicted -5.5
Memphis Grizzlies 53% Score 202
Dallas Mavericks 51% Get Predicted 201
Milwaukee Bucks 49% Score -6
Sacramento Kings 43% Get Predicted 0
New Orleans Pelicans 57% Score 0
Denver Nuggets 50% Get Predicted 218
Orlando Magic 50% Score -1
Boston Celtics 42% Get Predicted 197
San Antonio Spurs 58% Score -2

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