NFL Survivor Pool Picks Week 11 – 2016

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We want you to survive your eliminator pool this NFL season so we’re giving our free survivor pool strategy all season. Our picks are based upon our data driven NFL predictions and power rankings.

Survivor Pool Pick Strategy:

We start with our list of 14 predicted winners:
Panthers over Saints
Colts over titans
Lions over Jaguars
Chiefs over Bucks
Giants over Bears
Vikings over Cardinals
Bills over Bengals
Cowboys over Ravens
Steelers over Browns
Rams over Dolphins
Patriots over 49ers
Seahawks over Eagles
Redskins over Packers
Raiders over Texans

Now there are four steps to easily cut down your potential pick for your NFL survivor pool.

Eliminate Toss-Up Winners

First we eliminate toss-up games.  That means we’re cutting the 1 point winners out of the list.  The Colts, Bills, Rams and Seahawks are out of consideration this week.  We have 10 teams left to consider.

Eliminate Road Winners

Next we eliminate road teams.  I don’t like taking road teams to win in the NFL at all.  Just too risky when you need a win, go with a home team.

Eliminating predicted road winners, we knock out two strong candidates this week.  The second ranked Patriots are at the 31st ranked 49ers and the are at the 32nd ranked Browns.  Neither the Pats nor Steelers will be considered leaving us eight teams.

Eliminate Low Ranking Winners

Next, I look for team that aren’t in our 20 of the power rankings.  This knocks out the Panthers who are 27th in our NFL power rankings this week.

Eliminate Winners Playing Good Teams

Then, I look for our predicted winners that are playing teams ranked in the top 16 and take them out of consideration.  This eliminates the Vikings who are playing the 8th ranked Cardinals and the Cowboys who are playing the 11th ranked Ravens.  Five teams remain in consideration.

Eliminate the Teams We’ve Already Picked in 2016

2016 Survivor Pick Results
Week 1 – Texans (Win)
Week 2 – Panthers (Win)
Week 3 – Packers (Win)
Week 4 – Chargers (Loss)
Week 5 – Steelers (Win)
Week 6 – Bills (Win)
Week 7 – Chiefs (Win)
Week 8 – Broncos (Win)
Week 9 – Vikings (Loss)
Week 10 – Cardinals (Win)

Of the five teams left in consideration, only the Chiefs have been previously picked.  We have the Redskins, Raiders, Lions and Giants to make our week 11 NFL survivor pool pick.


Final Survivor Pool Pick Candidates

4 – Redskins (against Packers) – The Redskins are up and down this season and I think the desperate Packers will play hard this Sunday.  This is a game that could go either way in my mind so it’s by far the fourth best selection of the four teams.

3 – Raiders (against Texans) – The young Raiders get a showcase game on Monday Night Football against a playoff team from last year.  Can the Texans put it together on the road?

2 – Giants (against Bears) – All that keeps the Giants from being the pick this week is they’re coming off a short week.  The Bears look like they’ve packed it in for the season and stories continue to come out of the lockerroom about Jay Culter having no faith from his teammates.

1 – Lions (against Jaguars) – Detroit comes off of a bye week against the lowly Jags.  The Jaguars play like the least skilled team in the league.  I look for the Lions to come out fast and keep the pedal on the gas.  Take the Lions to survive NFL week 11.