My Plan to End the One and Done in College Basketball

By Matt Fischer

College basketball is enveloped in scandal. From Louisville having to vacate wins and a national title to Arizona’s DeAndre Ayton reportedly getting $100,000 to be a Wildcat.

We know the NCAA will never allow players to be paid. Too many schools would have to fold athletic programs because they wouldn’t be able to pay all athletes. These could league to entire athletic programs being shutdown over Title IX violations.

With the NCAA not paying athletes, the NBA has an opportunity to capitalize. The NBA can turn the G-League into a truly minor league.

Here’s my plan to end the One and Done culture in college basketball:

Allow High School Players to be Drafted to the G-League

The NBA needs to allow high school players to be drafted. While it seems many NBA executives don’t seem to trust their evaluation abilities, high school players should be eligible to be drafted.

So I’m going to meet you in the middle here NBA. Don’t draft high school players to the NBA; draft them to the G-League.

Players Drafted to the G-League are Not Affiliated with a NBA Team

With allowing high school players to be drafted, they should be drafted just to a G-League team and not a NBA team. They should be eligible for the NBA Draft in a year.

Give players a year to develop and play against better competition than what they would in college. Allow players to be eligible to be drafted after one season in the G-League.

This gives NBA executives a better chance to evaluate players and more importantly, the players can earn a living playing basketball.

Once a player completes a season in the G-League, he is eligible to be drafted. If undrafted, he can sign with any NBA team.

The G-League Draft

It’s one round. 26 picks. A total lottery. Each team has one ping pong ball so each team has a chance to draft DeAndre Ayton, Marvin Bagley III or any player just making a one year stop in college en route to the NBA.

It’s time for change to college sports. It’s time to end one and done.  Pro prospects shouldn’t be denied the opportunity to earn a living playing their sport. Let the players go pro from high school and get paid.

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