Recapping a Profitable Free Formulator Week 2016


Free Formulator Week, September 6-12, 2016, went great last week. We gave out 42 free picks during the week, cashing 25 of them to prove you can make money betting sports using our picks.

Thank you to everyone who took advantage of our free picks and made money. It’s always enjoyable to get the positive feedback on social media and email.

Betting $100 per pick, you’d have made $225.98 during the week FOR FREE! We were profitable on picks in MLB and NFL, while college football was a disappointment.


Betting Returns

In MLB, you’d have made $280.52 playing each of our weeks during the week. We cashed 19 of 30 MLB picks.

NFL picks went 3-2 (60%) ATS last week profiting $72.73. College Football was 3-4 (43%) ATS, yielding a loss of $127.27.

You can make money betting sports. Averaging six picks a day, we turned a $225.98 profit in just seven days. On a $1000 bankroll, that’s nearly a 25% return in just a week!

It’s great we’re able to share winning info with you during Free Formulator Week, a new annual tradition here at SportsFormulator. We guarantee our picks will win or you get a refund. There’s no catch. There’s no credit for additional picks. We return the money as if the transaction never happened. We want you to win.

Just because Free Formulator Week is over, doesn’t mean the winning is. Join us and win now. We have several guaranteed winning packages in our Pick Shop for you to take advantage of now.

We offer daily or weekly packages by sport and have an all-inclusive package that covers all of our picks.

In MLB, you can get a daily or 7 day package. This will get you all MLB picks and if you’re package isn’t profitable, you’ll get a refund.

In the NFL and College Football, we offer weekly pick packages. We guarantee you’ll make money or we don’t make anything. That’s our guarantee.

MLB picks come daily with multiple picks in them and if the picks aren’t profitable, you get a refund. We guarantee a profit with our picks or they’re free.

We also offer $5 Friday where we’ll have at least one $5 pick deal. Take advantage and we’ll continue to show you we can make you money.

Here’s how all of our picks went during Free Formulator Week:

6-Sep MLB Royals Over -110 Win $90.91
6-Sep MLB Rangers Over -110 Win $90.91
6-Sep MLB Cubs W -173 Loss -$100.00
6-Sep MLB Angels Over -110 Loss -$100.00
7-Sep MLB Rangers Over -110 Win $90.91
7-Sep MLB Red Sox W -219 Win $45.66
7-Sep MLB Orioles W -105 Loss -$100.00
7-Sep MLB Blue Jays W -161 Loss -$100.00
7-Sep MLB Royals W -139 Loss -$100.00
8-Sep MLB Indians W -157 Win $63.69
8-Sep MLB Rangers Over -110 Win $90.91
8-Sep MLB Nationals W -210 Loss -$100.00
9-Sep MLB Nationals -270 Win $37.04
9-Sep MLB Cardinals W -220 Win $45.45
9-Sep MLB Giants W -176 Win $56.82
9-Sep MLB Rockies Over -110 Loss -$100.00
10-Sep CFB Cal +7.5 -110 Win $90.91
10-Sep CFB Ohio +3 -110 Win $90.91
10-Sep CFB East Carolina +4.5 -110 Win $90.91
10-Sep CFB Massachusetts +17 -110 Loss -$100.00
10-Sep CFB Missouri Under 53 -110 Loss -$100.00
10-Sep CFB Middle Tennessee +5.5 -110 Loss -$100.00
10-Sep CFB Texas Tech +3 -110 Loss -$100.00
10-Sep MLB Rockies Over -110 Win $90.91
10-Sep MLB Yankees -144 Win $69.44
10-Sep MLB Mariners -120 Win $83.33
10-Sep MLB Rangers Over -110 Win $90.91
11-Sep MLB Cubs OVER 7.5 -110 Win $90.91
11-Sep MLB Indians -220 Win $45.45
11-Sep MLB Mets -134 Win $74.63
11-Sep MLB Nationals -245 Win $40.82
11-Sep MLB Yankees -130 Loss -$100.00
11-Sep NFL Jaguars +4.5 -110 Win $90.91
11-Sep NFL Seahawks Under 44 -110 Win $90.91
11-Sep NFL Bills +3 -110 Loss -$100.00
11-Sep NFL Chiefs Under 44.5 -110 Loss -$100.00
12-Sep MLB Rockies Over -110 Win $90.91
12-Sep MLB Royals Over -110 Win $90.91
12-Sep MLB Rockies -118 Loss -$100.00
12-Sep MLB Giants -240 Loss -$100.00
12-Sep NFL Rams Under 44 -110 Win $90.91
13-Sep MLB Royals -155 Loss -$100.00
TOTAL $225.98


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