College Football Playoff National Championship – January 8, 2018

College Football Playoff National Championship prediction for Georgia vs. Alabama.  The Bulldogs and Crimson Tide collide on Monday night, January 8, 2018 for the national title in college football.

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College Football Playoff National Championship Game Prediction

Monday, January 8, 2018

273 Alabama 54% 25 -3.5
271 Georgia 46% 21 45

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2017 College Football National Championship Game Prediction

Get our data driven college football prediction for the 2017 national championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Clemson Tigers.

In a rematch of last season’s college football championship game, the Tide and Tigers collide again in Tampa to decide a champion.  Can Clemson get revenge or do the Tide repeat?

Who wins the College Football Playoff?  Find out below.

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College Football Playoff National Championship Prediction:

Clemson 38% 22 51.5
Alabama 62% 30 -6.5

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Why the Big Ten Champion will make the College Football Playoff


by Matt Fischer

We’ve reached the final week of the 2016 college football season and the conference title match-ups have been set.  We’re just a week away from knowing who makes the college football version of the Final Four.

Based upon our week 14 college football predictions, we see three teams winning their conference championships.  Alabama (SEC), Clemson (ACC) and Washington (Pac-12) are locked in as playoff teams.  The fourth spot is the one left to be decided.

The fourth team has to come from the Big Ten.  With the Ohio State victory at Oklahoma, the Big Ten should get this final spot in the College Football Playoff.

The Big Ten has several contenders for this final spot but it should come down to the Big Ten Championship between Wisconsin and Penn State.  While Ohio State and Michigan have been impressive this season, their inability to even qualify for the Big Ten Championship game should keep them out of the playoff.

How ridiculous is it for a team to qualify for the playoff that can’t even win it’s own division in a conference?

The Big Ten has beaten one another up.  Penn State holds a win over Ohio State, but Michigan beat Penn State.  Ohio State beat Michigan and Wisconsin.  Michigan and Ohio State both beat Wisconsin but Wisconsin could own a win over Penn State in the Big Ten Championship.

That makes the Big Ten Championship of utmost importance to the committee.  The winner of Penn State vs. Wisconsin should get an invitation to the College Football Playoff.


Based upon our predictions for Saturday’s college football conference championships, here’s our seeding of the four college football playoff teams:

1 – Alabama Crimson Tide
2 – Clemson Tigers
3 – Washington Huskies
4 – Wisconsin Badgers

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College Football Playoff Predictions – October 9, 2016


We’re in October and it’s time to start looking ahead to the College Football Playoff.  We predict the four teams the committee will select and rank them.  With the two college football playoff semi-final match-ups set, we predict how the games will go and who will make the College Football Playoff Championship.

In picking our college football final four, we won’t be picking two teams from the same conference.  The chances of a non-conference champion making the college football playoff are almost 0.  The only way that could happen is if two of the Power 5 conference champions have 3 losses and the non-conference champion lost their only game of the season in their conference championship game.

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Ranking the College Football Playoff Final Four

In ranking the teams at this point in the season, it comes down to strength of victories.  The more impressive wins, the higher you will rank.

4 – Washington Huskies (Pac-12) – The Huskies let the country know they’re contenders with a nationally televised destruction of Stanford 44-6 and winning at Oregon 70-21.  The rest of the schedule is weak.  They’re the favorites to win the Pac-12 but will need a team from the South to show up for the Pac-12 Championship with a good record.

3 – Ohio State Buckeyes (Big Ten) – The Buckeyes thought the Oklahoma game would give them great strength of schedule but the Sooners’ struggles this season dampen that win.  Their other wins have been dominant performances over lesser teams.  The schedule gets tougher so the Buckeyes will have a chance to move up.  The 58-0 over Rutgers puts them ahead of Washington who beat Rutgers 48-13.

2 – Clemson Tigers (ACC) – The Louisville win looks good right now and should give them a slight edge over Ohio State.  The committee will reward them for opening at Auburn…and winning.  Clemson got a 56-10 road win on Friday night during a short week.

1 – Alabama Crimson Tide (SEC) – The Tide’s destruction of USC 52-6 and win at Ole Miss make them the top seed in the playoff at this point.  If they win the next three weeks, they’ll have the resume that the top seed is a lock for them unless they get upset in a game they should be heavily favored in.

College Football Playoff Semi-Final Match-up Predictions

Alabama vs. Washington

Washington 45% 30
Alabama 55% 33

Clemson vs. Ohio State

Clemson 28% 20
Ohio State 72% 35

College Football Playoff Champion Match-up Prediction

It’s another Urban Meyer vs. Nick Saban match-up…this time for a national championship.  The Buckeyes would win if the College Football Playoff happened today.

Ohio State 54% 31
Alabama 46% 28

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