Thanksgiving Day Football Contest 2016


Happy Thanksgiving!  Here in America, Thanksgiving has become synonymous with football.  We have three NFL and one college football game this Thanksgiving.

SEC Rivals Texas A&M and LSU collide on Thanksgiving in a game that could be the last game for each team’s head coach.

In the NFL, division rivals play in the two traditional games as the Lions host the Vikings and the Cowboys welcome the Redskins.  The night game is the Steelers visiting the Colts.

Pick a side and a total on every game and you could win $100 to the Pick Shop!


Who Covers?

LSU -5.5Texas A&M +5.5

How many points do LSU and Texas A&M combine to score?

Over 45.5Under 45.5

Who Covers?

Vikings +3.5Lions -3.5

How many points do Vikings and Lions combine to score?

Over 43.5Under 43.5

Who Covers?

Redskins +6.5Cowboys -6.5

How many points do the Redskins and Cowboys combine to score?

Over 48.5Under 48.5

Who Covers?

Steelers -2.5Colts +2.5

How many points do the Steelers and Colts combine to score?

Over 53.5Under 53.5

How many totals points will be scored in all four games combined?


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