Celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary

1 year ago today as we give you discounts on ALL of our packages.  Thank you for being part of our success over the past year.  We have some special offers for you to help celebrate and join us for the next year:

Get $24 off our Ultimate Hockey Season Package You’ll get our NHL package for only $75 for the entire 2013-14 regular season!  We’ve hit 64% of our Premium Picks this season!

Get $30 off our Ultimate Football Season Package Get all of our predictions and premium plays for NFL and college football regular seasons.  We’re 28-18 ATS on the NFL season and

Get $50 off our Ultimate Basketball Season Package You’ll get all of our NBA and college basketball predictions for the 2013-14 regular seasons!

Use discount code “1year” at check out to apply these discounts.

WANNA JOIN US FOR ALL OF YEAR 2?  We’ve got our best deal for you.  Just $250 gets you access to everything with our Ultimate Sports Annual membership!  Football, basketball, hockey, baseball and the sports we will add over the next year.  You get everything we offer with this package.  If you’re already a football season long subscriber we’ll add this on to the end of your membership so you’ll be covered ALL of 2014!  This is a tremendous deal so take advantage before it expires!

These offers are only good through November 4, 2013 so take advantage now!  If you have any questions email us at cs@sportsformulator.com.  

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