2014 NFL Playoff Predictions


2014 AFC Playoff Predictions

Wildcard Round

(3) Denver Broncos over (6) San Diego Chargers

(5) Baltimore Ravens over (4) Cincinnati Bengals

BYE:  Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots

Divisional Playoff

(1) Indianapolis Colts over (5) Baltimore Ravens

(2) New England Patriots over (3) Denver Broncos

Conference Championship

(2) New England Patriots over (1) Indianapolis Colts

2014 NFC Playoff Predictions

Wildcard Round

 (3) Green Bay Packers over (6) Arizona Cardinals

(5) San Francisco 49ers over (4) Philadelphia Eagles

BYE:  Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints

Divisional Playoff

(1) Seattle Sehawks over (5) San Francisco 49ers

(2)  New Orleans Saints over (3) Green Bay Packers

Conference Championship

 (1) Seattle Seahawks over (2) New Orleans Saints

Super Bowl XLIX Prediction

Seattle Seahawks over New England Patriots

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