2016-17 Preseason College Football Playoff Contenders


Who will the committee choose for the 2017 College Football Playoff?  We examine our preseason contenders and try to predict the college football final four.

What's Inside

Oklahoma and Florida State

We predict two power five conference teams, Oklahoma and Florida State, go undefeated.  The committee won’t leave undefeated power 5 conference champions out of the playoff so OU and FSU are in the college football playoff.

Boise State

One group of five school we predict will be undefeated in 2016, Boise State.  The Broncos should run the table but don’t have a marquee game that can grab the committee’s eye.  The Broncos we think will be left out when compared to one-loss power 5 teams.

One- Loss Power 5 Teams

There are several one-loss power 5 conference teams that could be considered.  We know from the previous two years the committee rewards a team for winning its conference championship.

This knocks Alabama, UCLA, Michigan, Clemson and North Carolina out of consideration.  We see three of those four still going to New Year’s Six Bowls.

Ohio State and LSU are conference champions but Notre Dame is projected to go 11-1 as well.  The Buckeyes only 2016 loss is at Oklahoma.  Notre Dame loses it’s season finale at USC.  LSU loses in SEC play.  The late season loss knocks Notre Dame out.  Ohio State and LSU make the college football final four.


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College Football Playoff Match-ups

We have Florida State, Oklahoma, LSU and Ohio State in the college football playoff.  The committee will have a tough time seeding these teams.

Florida State comes in with an undefeated season the includes great non-conference games against Ole Miss, Florida and South Florida.

Oklahoma brings in a win over another CFB Playoff team, Ohio State and a Big 12 conference championship where you beat every other team in the league.

LSU comes in as SEC Champions, the toughest league in college football and a non-conference win over Wisconsin.

Ohio State comes in as Big Ten Champs and a loss only on the road at fellow playoff team Oklahoma.

The committee won’t want to repeat a season a regular season match-up so Oklahoma and Ohio State will only replay if in the national championship.

Due to this, Ohio State has the better loss compared to LSU and will get the 3 seed.  Oklahoma will then be the 1 seed.

Look for Oklahoma vs. LSU and Florida State vs. Ohio State in this season’s College Football Playoff.

We predict Ohio State will win the National Championship.

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