2016-17 NFL Playoff Predictions


With 20 teams to be eliminated from Super Bowl LI contention on January 1, we predict the 12 teams that’ll have the chance to raise the Lombardi Trophy in 2017 at the Super Bowl in Houston.

As you’ve seen in our NFL preview, the Broncos will not make the playoffs so there will be a new Super Bowl Champion this season.  We have three new teams to the NFL Playoffs this season as the Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts will make it in the AFC and the Dallas Cowboys will make it in the NFC.

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What's Inside

2016 NFL Playoff Predictions

2016 AFC Playoff Predictions

AFC Wild Card Playoff Games

Kansas City Chiefs (3) over (6) Buffalo Bills

(5) Pittsburgh Steelers over (4) Indianapolis Colts

AFC Divisional Playoff Games

(1) Cincinnati Bengals over (5) Pittsburgh Steelers

(2) New England Patriots over (3) Kansas City Chiefs

AFC Championship Game

(2) New England Patriots over (1) Cincinnati Bengals

NFC Playoff Predictions

NFC Wild Card Playoff Games

(3) Dallas Cowboys over (6) Minnesota Vikings

(4)  Green Bay Packers over (5) Arizona Cardinals

NFC Divisional Playoff Games

(1) Carolina Panthers over (4) Green Bay Packers

(2) Seattle Seahawks over (3) Dallas Cowboys

NFC Championship Game

(2) Seattle Seahawks over (1) Carolina Panthers

SUPER BOWL LI Prediction

super bowl 51 prediction

New England Patriots over Seattle Seahawks


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