2020 Preseason NFL Predictions

MLB Predictions

The NFL starts in just days so it’s time for our 2020 NFL preseason predictions including predicted records for every team and our Super Bowl 55 prediction.

With no preseason and a very limited offseason, it’s harder than ever to predict and the stakes are high as only the top seed in each conference will get a bye this season. Yes seven teams will battle in the AFC and NFC each to make the Super Bowl.

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AFC East Predictions

AFC EASTWinsLosses
 New England Patriots97
 Buffalo Bills88
 Miami Dolphins88
 New York Jets610

AFC North Predictions

AFC NorthWinsLosses
 Pittsburgh Steelers124
 Baltimore Ravens115
 Cleveland Browns88
 Cincinnati Bengals412

AFC South Predictions

AFC SouthWinsLosses
 Tennessee Titans115
 Houston Texans97
 Indianapolis Colts610
 Jacksonville Jaguars214

AFC West Predictions

AFC WestWinsLosses
 Kansas City Chiefs124
 Los Angeles Chargers610
 Denver Broncos511
 Las Vegas Raiders511

AFC Playoff Predictions

Wildcard Round

(2) Pittsburgh Steelers beat (7) Buffalo Bills

(3) Tennessee Titans beat (6) Houston Texans

(5) Baltimore Ravens beat (4) New England Patriots

Divisional Round

(1) Kansas City Chiefs beat (5) Baltimore Ravens

(2) Pittsburgh Steelers beat (3) Tennessee Titans

AFC Championship

(1) Kansas City Chiefs beat (2) Pittsburgh Steelers

NFC East Predictions

NFC EASTWinsLosses
 Philadelphia Eagles115
 Dallas Cowboys88
 Washington Football Team511
 New York Giants412

NFC North Predictions

NFC NorthWinsLosses
 Minnesota Vikings106
 Green Bay Packers97
 Detroit Lions79
 Chicago Bears610

NFC South Predictions

NFC SouthWinsLosses
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers124
 New Orleans Saints115
 Carolina Panthers88
 Atlanta Falcons79

NFC West Predictions

NFC WestWinsLosses
 San Francisco 49ers115
 Seattle Seahawks106
 Arizona Cardinals88
 Los Angeles Rams79

NFC Playoff Predictions

Wildcard Round

(2) San Francisco 49ers beat (7) Green Bay Packers

(6) Seattle Seahawks beat (3) Philadelphia Eagles

(5) New Orleans Saints beat (4) Minnesota Vikings

Divisional Round

(1) Tampa Bay Bucs beat (6) Seattle Seahawks

(2) San Francisco 49ers beat (5) New Orleans Saints

NFC Championship

(1) Tampa Bay Bucs beat (2) San Francisco 49ers – Yes Tom Brady vs. Jimmy G for a trip to the Super Bowl!

Super Bowl 55 Prediction

It’s a passing of the torch as Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs repeat as Super Bowl Champions win a win over Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs.

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