A New NFL Thanksgiving Menu

by Matt Fischer

It’s time to change the NFL on Thanksgiving menu.  I’m sick of Lions and Cowboys every year.  The NBA on Christmas Day is tremendous but the NFL has gotten stale.  How many times do we need to see the Lions get blown out on Thanksgiving?  It’s time for an update NFL on Thanksgiving schedule.

The Lackluster Lions

The Lions have lost 4 straight and 13 of 17 as the traditional Thanksgiving Day game at Ford Field.  This has gotten boring.  The Lions have been one of the worst NFL franchises over the past two decades so let’s change it up.  The Lions are winless again this season and let’s not forget it wasn’t that along ago they went 0-16.  Is that what you want to watch every Thanksgiving?

The Cowboys have been a middling team every since Troy Aikman retired.  Sure they’ve had a few playoff teams but they haven’t been a playoff fixture and the star appeal has faded from the Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin days.  Wouldn’t it be nice to watching good football games on Thanksgiving?

The New NFL on Thanksgiving Menu

First, I’d set the two Super Bowl teams as host for the following season on Thanksgiving. So for this example the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be hosting. 

Second, I’d try to showcase the young stars in the NFL like Kyler Murray, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, TJ Watt, Chase Young and others who can increase their fan base and draw more fans in to the Thanksgiving Day games.

Football on Thanksgiving is a tradition that can be vastly improved.  If I were in charge (make me an offer Roger Goodell), this would be my 2021 NFL Thanksgiving Day Line-up featuring games from the 2021 schedule:

12:30 PM ET on CBS – Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs (TJ Watt trying to chase down Patrick Mahomes)

4:30 PM ET on Fox – Green Bay Packers at Cincinnati Bengals (Aaron Rodgers vs. Joe Burrow)

8:20 PM ET on NBC – Buffalo Bills at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (AFC runner-up against Super Bowl Champs)

These games pack star power and will create a buzz far greater than what the Lions and Cowboys typically do on Thanksgiving.  Change it up NFL!