Chances the Miami Heat Run the Table


The Miami Heat are simply dominating the NBA right now.  It seems they’re toying with teams as they have trailed by double figures in the second half, even fourth quarters of games only to charge back and outscore their opponents by the time the horn sounds.  They have 15 games remaining in the regular season so let’s run through their final games and see if they can run the table and set an NBA record with a 39 game winning streak.

Here are the odds of the Heat winning each of their remaining 15 games:

Heat vs. Pistons

-Pistons are banged up just trying to make it to the finish line

Heat’s chances of victory:  79%

Heat vs. Bobcats

-Heat should cruise through this game.  LBJ and D-Wade should get some rest in this one.

Heat’s chances of victory: 87%

Heat at Magic

Magic have challenged the Heat this year so this is a game that the Heat can’t overlook like they have earlier in the season.

Heat’s chances of victory: 73%

Heat at Bulls

The Bulls are a tough matchup for the Heat with Joakim Noah being able to control the paint.  This is the Heat’s second toughest game remaining.

Heat’s chances of victory: 55%

Heat at Hornets

The Hornets are an improving team and have been tough at home this year.  Coming off a rough game in Chicago, this could be where a big upset happens if the Heat are looking ahead.

Heat’s chances of victory: 67%

Heat at Spurs

Easily the toughest remaining game for the Heat.  The Spurs are an elite team that could challenge the Heat for the NBA Championship.  This is where we project the streak ends.

Heat’s chances of victory: 44%

Heat vs. Knicks

The Knicks have played well against the Heat this season and coming off a big game this could be a letdown for the Heat.  Still being at home, you should see the Heat find a way to win.

Heat’s chances of victory: 63%

Heat at Bobcats

The Heat knows they’ll get the Bobcats best shot but should withstand it.

Heat’s chances of victory: 77%

Heat vs. 76ers

76ers played the Heat tough during the streak but shouldn’t be a threat in Miami.

Heat’s chances of victory:  78%

Heat vs. Bucks

Bucks seem to matchup well against the Heat but Miami is gonna be too tough at home.

Heat’s chances of victory: 70%

Heat at Wizards

The Wizards pulled off a victory over the Heat earlier this season in DC so this is a spot the Heat can’t overlook.  If the streak is still alive, the Heat will push it to the game hosting Boston.

Heat vs. Celtics

The Celtics have to still be disappointed with their inability to finish off the Heat Monday night after a huge performance by Jeff Green.  I think the Heat crush them in Miami in this game.

Heat’s chances of victory: 66%

Heat vs. Bulls

See above.  The Bulls presence down low is a problem for the Heat.  The only chance I see the Bulls winning in Miami is if the unlike happens and Derrick Rose is in uniform for Chicago.

Heat’s chances of victory: 65%

Heat at Cavs

The Cavs health is a big part of this game.  They nearly ended the streak a couple days ago before blowing a 20+ point lead at the half.  If Waiters and Irving are playing, the Cavs might be able to do it but with only one game left after this I see the Heat rolling on home with a win.

Heat vs. Magic

This would be the Magic’s Super Bowl.  Their chance to end the season with a huge win before preparing for the lottery.  If it’s a 49 game streak on the line here, the Heat will roll.

Heat’s chances of victory: 83%

So there you have it.  The Heat’s chances of finishing the year undefeated are pretty good if they can just get by the Spurs.  The game in San Antonio should be the decider.  If the Heat lose it then they could lose a couple more down the stretch as starters rest for the playoffs.  If not, look for them to finish up going hard 48 minutes a night.