Company Blog – March 1, 2013 Update


Welcome to March…where the madness begins!  Today we start sending emails to the list we’ve been building.  If you’re interested in getting emails from us you can subscribe in the box at the top right part of the site.  We’ll try not to deluge your inbox with messages daily but will send periodic updates to you when we put new features up or make a change to the site.

This month we debut our first premium product, the Bracket Dominator for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Our Bracket Dominator will include our full bracket prediction plus breakdowns of each region.  You will get each region broken down by our power ratings plus each’s teams chance to advance through the tournament round by round.  This is a must have if you want to dominate March.  This will help you win your pool and have bragging rights for a year!  Take advantage of this offer now before it disappears.  Our Bracket Dominator will be emailed to you by 10 PM ET on Monday, March 18, 2013.  Buy the Bracket Dominator now by clicking the link below for just $9.99.


With conference tournaments starting, we will be putting the entire predicted bracket up for the conference along with each team’s chance of winning the tournament.  Also, you’ll see the daily game predictions each day of the tournament.

Today we put out our latest version of what the NCAA Tournament would look like if we seeded it according to our team ratings. We took the highest rated team from each conference receiving an automatic bid and filled in the rest of the 68 team field with our highest rated teams. They’re seeded according to rating. Check it out here. You can also find each conference’s rating to see how the conferences stack up to one another on this page.

Baseball has started Spring Training and we’re prepared.  This month you’ll see our predictions for every Major League Baseball team with their chances for winning their division, league and the World Series.  We also will be unveiling two new metrics to measure MLB player performance.   Look for these in mid-March.

The first is our Effective Pitching Performance (EPP), the higher the number here the better.  This shows how efficient and capable a pitcher is of doing what he’s asked to do…keeping runners off base and runs off the scoreboard.

Our other new metric to debut will be Effective Batting Performance (EBP), where again the higher the number, the better.  We’re measuring a player’s ability to get on base and score runs.

We can’t forget about the NFL Draft. We release our latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft so see who will be the first 32 picks this April here. We’ll have a couple more mock drafts before the actual one so check back for those.

We’ve seen a surge in web traffic over the past week and greatly appreciate everyone checking us out and coming back daily for predictions.  We’ve got a lot coming up and hope you’ll check it out also.  We have a brief 5 question survey if you’d like to give us feedback on what other sports you’d like covered on  We started soccer in February with the UEFA Champions League and will be adding more soccer leagues later this year.

As always, if you’ve got feedback please pass it along to me by commenting on the site or emailing

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