About Derek Franks – Contributing Writer



Where From? Dallas, Texas

Favorite Sports: College Football, Baseball, Hockey, NBA, College Basketball, Rugby

Favorite Teams: Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, Mizzou Tigers, Alabama Crimson Tide, TCU Horned Frogs, Kansas City Chiefs

What Sports topics get you fired up?
If you can debate it, I’m fired up. Lebron vs. MJ? Yep. College Football playoffs, you bet. I also like making predictions.

More About Derek:
Derek is an award winning Sports Writer and columnist, originally from Dallas, Texas. He specializes in providing commentary— usually highly opinionated—and isn’t afraid to take a unique stance on a topic. Expect humor in his work as well. He is currently earning a Communications Degree from the University of Missouri and likes long walks on the beach and trying to prove why Lebron James will never be better than Michael Jordan.

Contact Derek at derek@sportsformulator.com.