Diary of a New WNBA Fan – Day 1

by Matt Fischer

Today is Day 1 of my WNBA fandom! I’ve been looking for something new and need a sports to fill that summer gap between the NBA Finals and the start of football season. So today I begin my journey as a WNBA fan.

Why Become a Fan of the WNBA?

I love basketball. The constant action keeps me engaged in games and it’s a nightly sport. MLB is terrible. The season is way too long and the game is brutal to watch on TV. MLS looks fun to attend but it’s horribly boring on TV as well. So WNBA here is your chance to win me over and make me a fan!

WNBA Fan Recruitment

Since I’m going all in this season on the WNBA. I’m headed in with an open mind as I’ve never really given the WNBA a chance. I remember watchng Lisa Leslie and the LA Sparks in the WNBA debut years and years ago but couldn’t tell you who won the WNBA Championship.

So I’m a free agent fan. WNBA teams this is your chance to woo me. I’m going to be blogging all season about your team, buying merch and spreading the word about my new favorite WNBA team.

Want me to be a fan of your team? Email meTweetTikTok

Tell me why I need to come a fan. I’ll make my choice by April 22, 2022 when the preseason starts so I can have my merch by the WNBA season opener on May 7, 2022. Don’t let me down WNBA store.

2022 WNBA Season – What to Expect

We will have data driven WNBA predictions for every game this season. I’m going to blog frequently about whichever team I decide to follow this season. So expect it at least once a week or more often if there are big events during the season that I want/need to address.

Let’s go ladies! I can’t wait to watch you hoop this season!