First Reactions to the 2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket



By Matt Fischer

The 2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket just got announced and the committee set-up some good match-ups but left some good teams out.  Here are my initial reactions to the announcement of the 2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket.

1)  Kentucky seems to have a very easy road to the Final Four.  The Midwest Region seems pretty weak and I see at least a couple of early upsets in this region.

2)  The East Region looks wide open.  I think we could see a dark horse make a run to the 2015 Final Four from this region.

3)  In the South, a Duke vs. Gonzaga regional final would be great to see.  I think they match-up well against one another and it’d be a great game.

4)  I think the West is the toughest region.  Another great regional final would be Wisconsin vs. Arizona but neither will have an easy time making it there.

5)  The final four teams in the 2015 NCAA Tournament field were BYU, Ole Miss, Dayton and Boise State.  I’d swap out Ole Miss and Boise State for Colorado State and Murray State.  I think they’re both stronger teams and have a better shot and making a tournament run.  BYU is a very good team and could be the latest first four team to make a deep tournament run.

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