Formulator Bowl 2017 – UTSA vs. Buffalo

Welcome to the 2017 Formulator Bowl, a compelling face-off that brings together the UTSA Roadrunners and the Buffalo Bulls. The Roadrunners, guided by Frank Wilson, enter the fray with a solid 6-5 record, representing Conference USA with a reputation for a strong defense and a balanced offensive attack. Opposing them are the Bulls, led by Lance Leipold, who have demonstrated resilience and offensive prowess in the MAC, finishing their season at an even 6-6. This matchup promises a thrilling clash of styles and strategies, as both teams look to cap their seasons with a prestigious bowl victory.

What's Inside

Betting Odds for 2017 Formulator Bowl

UTSA is favored by 2.5 with a total of 55.5.

UTSA Roadrunners vs. Buffalo Bulls in the 2017 Formulator Bowl

First Quarter

The game begins with a tense atmosphere as both teams size each other up. UTSA opens the scoring with a 35-yard field goal by Jared Sackett. Buffalo responds quickly, as Tyree Jackson throws a deep 40-yard touchdown pass to Anthony Johnson, showcasing their offensive strength. End of First Quarter: UTSA 3, Buffalo 7

Second Quarter

UTSA, demonstrating resilience, bounces back with Dalton Sturm connecting on a 20-yard touchdown pass to Kerry Thomas Jr. Buffalo, not to be outdone, answers with Emmanuel Reed breaking off a 30-yard touchdown run. The quarter concludes with both teams showing a mix of tactical prowess and raw power. End of Second Quarter: UTSA 10, Buffalo 14

Third Quarter

Resuming play, UTSA’s defense steps up, leading to a crucial interception by Devron Davis. Capitalizing on this, Sturm finds Josh Stewart for a 15-yard touchdown. Buffalo, showing their mettle, ties the game with a field goal by Adam Mitcheson from 45 yards out. The tension is palpable as the quarter ends. End of Third Quarter: UTSA 17, Buffalo 17

Fourth Quarter

The final quarter starts with both teams locked in a defensive struggle. Midway through, Buffalo’s Jackson delivers a stunning 50-yard touchdown pass to K.J. Osborn. In a thrilling response, UTSA’s Jalen Rhodes rushes for a 10-yard touchdown, tying the game. In the final seconds, Sackett hits a game-winning 40-yard field goal for UTSA. End of Fourth Quarter: UTSA 27, Buffalo 24

Player Stats:

  • Offensive Leaders: Dalton Sturm (UTSA) – 250 passing yards, 2 TDs; Tyree Jackson (Buffalo) – 300 passing yards, 2 TDs.
  • Defensive Standouts: Devron Davis (UTSA) – 1 INT, 5 tackles; Khalil Hodge (Buffalo) – 12 tackles.
  • Formulator Bowl MVP: Dalton Sturm, for his decisive plays and leadership, steering UTSA to a narrow victory.

The 2017 Formulator Bowl was a showcase of tactical acumen, resilience, and clutch performances from both teams. Congratulations to the UTSA Roadrunners for their hard-fought victory and to Dalton Sturm, the well-deserved MVP, for his outstanding performance under pressure.

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