The Formulator is Hot This December! Premium Picks are Cashing 74%!

It might be getting colder outside but the FORMULATOR IS HOT!  We’re just a week in to December and we’ve cashed 14 of 19 premium picks!

I love how everyone always scoffs when you say you can make money betting sports.  I’d love for one of those skeptics to go ask one of the SportsFormulator Insiders how they’re doing.

Let’s just take December so far, we’re just 7 days in to the month yet already showing a tremendous profit for SF Insiders!


We’re 14-5-3 (74%) on picks this month.  We’ve got 4 picks this weekend on NFL.  3 picks this Friday night including a slam dunk college basketball winner

Day Wins Losses
1-Dec 2 1
2-Dec 1 1
3-Dec 3 0
4-Dec 3 0
5-Dec 2 1
6-Dec 2 1
7-Dec 1 1


So let’s say you’re betting just $10 a game following our picks and paid $29.99 for a 30 day membership.  You’d be up $47.27 this month already.  Not bad right?  Especially considering you’re paying less than $1 a pick.

Get off the bench and win the games with us!


Seriously, what are you waiting for?  Do I have to be perfect for a month?  If that happens, you’ll regret not being along for the ride with me and the rest of the SportsFormulator Insiders!

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