How to Bet NFL Week 15

NFL Week 15 free picks, predictions and best case scenarios for every team. Consider this your NFL betting cheat sheet for this weekend.

Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers

  • The Line: Steelers -1.5, 37
  • Best Case for Bills: Bills wins 28-10
  • Best Case for Steelers: Steelers win 25-12
  • Free Pick for Bills at Steelers: Bills +1.5 and Under 37. This is a playoff game. The winner is in, the loser could sweat it out week 17. I’m going to take the Buffalo defense to win this one and think the winner will have 17 or fewer.

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

  • The Line: Packers -4.5, 40.5
  • Best Case for Bears: Bears wins 28-12
  • Best Case for Packers: Packers win 30-11
  • Free Pick for Bears at Packers: Under 40.5. These two kept it in single digits week 1 so expecting a huge offensive improvement is a long shot.

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs

  • The Line: Chiefs -10, 45
  • Best Case for Broncos: Broncos win 29-17
  • Best Case for Chiefs: Chiefs 32-11
  • Free Pick for Broncos at Chiefs: Over 45. Drew Lock seems to have infused some excitement into the Broncos offense. KC put up 30 with Matt Moore leading the Chiefs in Denver when Mahomes went down in the first half at the Broncos.

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans

  • The Line: Titans -3, 51.5
  • Best Case for Texans: Texans win 31-12
  • Best Case for Titans: Titans win 36-13
  • Free Pick for Texans at Titans: Titans -3 The first of two games for these two that’ll determine their playoff fates. The Titans are playing as well as anyone over the past month with Ryan Tannehill. I think Houston rebounds but the Titans will be too much at home.

Miami Dolphins at New York Giants

  • The Line: Giants -3, 46.5
  • Best Case for Dolphins: Dolphins win 32-16
  • Best Case for Giants: Giants win 34-13
  • Free Pick for Dolphins at Giants: Dolphins +3. It’s looking like the Giants could be looking for a new coach in a few weeks so are they just showing up? I’ll take the Dolphins

New England Patriots at Cincinnati Bengals

  • The Line: Patriots -10, 41.5
  • Best Case for Patriots: Patriots win 36-6
  • Best Case for Bengals: Bengals win 22-15
  • Free Pick for Patriots at Bengals: Under 41.5. The Pats D tends to dominate bad teams.

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins

  • The Line: Eagles -5.5, 39
  • Best Case for Eagles: Eagles win 32-10
  • Best Case for Redskins: Redskins win 28-15
  • Free Pick for Eagles at Redskins: I like the Redskins +5.5 and Under 39. This has a feeling of defensive battle.

Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers

  • The Line: Seahawks -6.5, 48.5
  • Best Case for Seahawks: Seahawks win 36-15
  • Best Case for Panthers: Panthers win 33-18
  • Free Pick for Seahawks at Panthers: I don’t like anything in this game.

Tampa Bay Bucs at Detroit Lions

  • The Line: Bucs -4, 46
  • Best Case for Bucs: Bucs win 37-17
  • Best Case for Lions: Lions win 34-18
  • Free Pick for Bucs at Lions: Over 46. The Bucs seems to get into shootouts so I’m going to ride that wave.

Cleveland Browns at Arizona Cardinals

  • The Line: Browns -3, 49
  • Best Case for Browns: Browns win 33-12
  • Best Case for Cardinals: Cardinals wins 31-17
  • Free Pick for Browns at Cardinals: Under 49. The past two first overall picks and Heisman winners square off in Phoenix this Sunday. I think that has the number inflated.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Raiders

  • The Line: Raiders -6.5, 46.5
  • Best Case for Jaguars: Jaguars win 32-12
  • Best Case for Raiders: Raiders win 33-14
  • Free Pick for Jaguars at Raiders: Raiders -6.5. The Jags are imploding and the Raiders play well against poor teams. I’ll take them to win by double digits this NFL Sunday.

Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers

  • The Line: 49ers -10.5, 48.5
  • Best Case for Falcons: Falcons win 31-16
  • Best Case for 49ers: 49ers win 41-10
  • Free Pick for Falcons at 49ers: 49ers -10.5. The Falcons offense has come to life but how will it hang with the 49ers’ D? I like the Niners

Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys

  • The Line: Rams -1.5, 48.5
  • Best Case for Rams: Rams win 32-10
  • Best Case for Cowboys: Cowboys win 35-12
  • Free Pick for Rams at Cowboys: Rams -1.5. The Rams are making their playoff push while the Cowboys are simply trying to hold onto the NFC East lead while the rest of the division fades.

Minnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Chargers (Sunday Night Football)

  • The Line: Vikings -1.5, 45.5
  • Best Case for Vikings: Vikings win 31-12
  • Best Case for Chargers: Chargers 30-15
  • Free Pick for Vikings at Chargers: Chargers +1.5. The Chargers are more talented than their record and I think are making a late season run.

Indianapolis Colts at New Orleans Saints (Monday Night Football)

  • The Line: Saints -9, 46.5
  • Best Case for Colts: Colts 32-15
  • Best Case for Saints: Saints 35-14
  • Free Pick for Colts at Saints: Over 46.5. I think the Saints offense lights up the scoreboard again this week and the Colts have to let it all hang out with playoff hopes fading.

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