Improving the Site – February 1, 2013


We’re a month into 2013 and January was a great month for us.  We beat the goal for traffic so thank you for checking out what’s going on here.  Your support is greatly appreciated as we build the site.

We value your opinion and want to hear it.  Feedback is very important both good and bad.  Hopefully you didn’t get sick of seeing our survey link each day for the past couple of weeks.  We wanted to get your input on things you’d like to see on the site and test some ideas.  Thank you if you filled it out.  If you haven’t you still can here.

As a result of the survey you’ll notice some changes to the site beginning today.  First, we’re giving you the expected win percentage for each team.  This is simply who will win the game straight up.  This will replace the confidence percentage of each team covering the spread column.

To keep sports consistent we will be adding anticipated scores for our NHL projections.  They will also have the expected win percentage.  So you should see four football, basketball, hockey and baseball (when it starts) four columns.  Team, win percentage, score and Vegas line in that order.

We started the Daily Forecast in January with free picks.  This featuring is going away but the picks and models aren’t.  Since the confidence level of our projections for each game is disappearing we are going to move the free picks to each sport’s page…plus the model.

Personally, I’m anxious for the Super Bowl on Sunday.  It could be a big day for us or awful.  If we’re way off with our projection it obviously makes us look bad.  I’m very confident in our NFL numbers for the playoffs.  Last year I had the Giants in the Super Bowl as my numbers went 10-1.  This year has been good going 7-2-1 and hopefully we finish things with an accurate prediction.

So go browse around the site today and see what’s improved.  We continue to add to the site and improve upon what’s already being offered.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest.  Thanks for visiting and if you can spare a minute we have a new survey to help expand the site here.


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