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Here are our results for the past 5 days:
College Basketball

March 17
-Suns/Nets UNDER 206.5 (Win)
-Bobcats -2.5 against Hawks (Loss)

-Lightning over Canucks (Win)
-Blues over Jets (Win)

March 16
College Basketball
-892 VCU -4.5 against St. Joseph’s (Loss)

-Clippers -11.5 against Cavs (Win)

-Blackhawks over Red Wings (Win)
-Penguins over Flyers (Loss)

March 15
College Basketball
-539 Toledo -2.5 against Western Michigan (Loss)
-544 Iowa State -1 against Baylor (Win)
-514 Louisiana Tech -3.5 against Tulsa (Loss)

-Nets/Wizards UNDER 199 (Win)

-Bruins over Hurricanes (Win)
-Coyotes over Flames (Win)
-Lightning over Devils (Win)
-Canadiens over Senators (Win)

March 14
College Basketball
-844 George Washington Pick ‘Em against Massachusetts (Win)
-840 St. Joseph’s -1 against Dayton (Win)

-Raptors Pick ‘Em over Grizzlies (Win)

-Sharks over Islanders (Win)

March 13
College Basketball
-704 Clemson -3.5 against Georgia Tech (Win)
-728 Connecticut +3.5 against Memphis (Win)
-750 LSU -2.5 against Alabama (Win)
-713 St. Bonaventure -1.5 against La Salle (Win)

-Bucks/Hawks UNDER 209.5 (Win)

-Lightning over Panthers (Win)
-Blues over Oilers (Win)
-Bruins over Coyotes (Win)

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