Matt’s Mind: Ban A-Rod for Life!


Alex Rodriguez appears to have disgraced baseball yet again.  However, Major League Baseball is trying to top him in disgrace by threatening him with a lifetime ban ala Pete Rose but is willing to settle for a year and a quarter suspension.  What are you doing MLB?  This is absolutely atrocious that you feel you have the evidence to ban him for life but will settle for much much less.  I’m appalled that this is negotiable.  Pete Rose is banned for something he didn’t do as a player yet remains out of the Hall of Fame despite having one of the greatest careers a Major Leaguer has ever had.

I’m not the biggest baseball fan in the world but I hate hypocrisy and the pathetic attempt of MLB to enforce their own rules.  If you have the evidence on A-Rod get him out of the game.  His team doesn’t want him and I think I speak for millions in saying we’re sick of him.  We’re sick of his lies and cheating.  Only he knows how long he’s cheated.  He has copped to it while a Texas Ranger but did it start in Seattle?  He’s making a mockery of your performance enhancing drug policy and MLB needs to do the right thing…eliminate Alex Rodriguez for life from Major League Baseball.

Rodriguez has inflated ticket prices for fans by getting contracts with teams based on use of banned substances.  He seems to only care about himself and his own image.  He’s proven his word means nothing with numerous lies and half-truths.  He’s quickly become part of my most annoying athletes right up there with Terrell Owens and Dwight Howard.

These negotiated suspensions are ridiculous.  If MLB has the proof, players need to be suspended immediately and give them their due process according to the labor agreement.  MLB has become just a joke with dragging it’s feet with these.  It’s been discussed for over a month now that MLB will suspend Rodriguez.  I guess they’re just hoping A-Rod will give in and take a ban.  Why would he?  He makes an extraordinary amount of money each season.

I feel MLB has a shaky case and wants an easy way out.  If they had the goods, he’d be suspended already.  This cloud has hung over the Yankees for weeks now and they are ready for the post A-Rod era.  Will they get the break they’ve been looking for to dump his ridiculous contract and have $30 million a year to spend on other players to build back a contender?  There’s a lot of questions here that MLB needs to answer and answer now.  They forget football is coming and interest in MLB is going to wane significantly a month from now.  Make your move MLB and do what’s best for the game.  A-Rod needs you more than you need him MLB.  You’ve got the power.  Now use it and do what’s need to be done for a month now…ban Alex Rodriguez for life!

I’ll leave you with one final question….how bad would A-Rod have been in the numerous postseasons he’s flopped in if he weren’t juicing?

What do you think of the A-Rod mess in MLB?   Post your comments below!


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