Matt’s Mind: NFL Week 1 Reaction

by Matt Fischer

And we’re down to only 240 NFL games remaining in the regular season.  Week 1 had a few surprises and a few confirmations.  Some teams will look back to week 1 and see it could have been the difference between a playing in the playoffs or watching them on TV.  Others will see it could have been the springboard to a big season.  See how all 32 teams rank in our Week 2 NFL Power Rankings.

Here’s what I saw in 2013 NFL week 1:

-LaVonte David may have cost the Bucs a playoff spot.  His personal foul penalty gave the Jets an extra 15 yards for a game winning field goal.  In a very competitive NFC South, that one game could prove to be the difference in the Bucs making the playoffs or staying at home come January.  That also led to Geno Smith getting his first win and basically ending Mark Sanchez’s career with the Jets.  I don’t think he’ll get dealt by the deadline but Cleveland sure could use him.

-The Browns’ defense has to be getting tired of the terrible situations their offense keeps putting them in.  The Browns have played well defensively for a few years now but an offense that is plagued with turnovers continues to make them defend a short field.  If the Browns can cutout multiple turnover games they could have a good season.

-The Eagles are fun to watch.  Chip Kelly’s wide-open attack fits the personnel in Philly very well.  The speed of the Eagles is very dangerous when the defense is spread out like it was last night in DC.  How long until the NFL adjusts and slows it down?

-The Saints defense is much improved.  They made a stand to seal the win against the Falcons, holding Atlanta to just 17 points.  That’s a big improvement over last year’s team.

-The Chiefs dominated in Jacksonville nearly pitching a shutout if not for a blocked punt that caused a safety.  Andy Reid’s offense is working well but the defense can rush the passer and that’s going to be the big difference for KC.  The D-line is stout and allows Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson and Justin Houston to go after the QB.

-Jacksonville is in disarray.  They’re banged up and just look destined for a season of struggling for one victory.

-Many were excited over the Cowboys 36-31 win over NFC East rival Giants on Sunday night but to only beat a team by five when they turn the ball over six times isn’t too impressive.

-The Steelers not scoring on offense until almost 2 minutes left in the game has to have alarms going off in Pittsburgh.  Maybe we’ll see Tennessee’s defense is that good but I think it’s more of Pittsburgh being out of sync.  They’re in a tough division and have to get it together if they’re going to vie for a playoff spot.

-The Bears were better than what I was expecting.  That was a good win for them at over the Bengals.  They made the plays in a tight game to get the win.

-Can’t forget about Peyton Manning’s seven TD performance last Thursday.  Baltimore’s defense got worn out chasing the Broncos’ receivers.

Some important games this week that’ll show us who’s legit playoff contenders headlined by 49ers at Seahawks.  This could be the game of the year.  Both teams know the winner becomes the Super Bowl favorite.

Check back tomorrow for our NFL Week 2 Predictions.

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