Matt’s Mind: NFL Week 3 Reaction


The NFL is 3 weeks in and I know many fans want to hit the panic button.  I say wait one more week and if your team isn’t performing better then panic.  The teams that have been pathetic to start the 2013 NFL season are:

1)  Pittsburgh Steelers – First the offense can’t score and now it’s letting the other team’s defense score.  Mike Tomlin’s job is not in jeopardy but assistants and players should be worried about their job security if things don’t show vast improvement this week.

2)  New York Giants – They’ve just been so sloppy to start the year.  They had a chance week 1 to win in Dallas but came up short to

3)  Washington Redskins – Mike Shanahan needs to figure it out.  This team is a mess right now.  RG3 is ineffective and the defense isn’t as stifling as it was last year.  There’s plenty of blame getting thrown around DC right now.  They need to band together and realize their division is still winnable.

4)  Minnesota Vikings – They got beat at home by a 3rd string QB on Sunday…a team many said had already given up on the season.  Their defense is getting gashed and has to get better or it’s going to be a tough season in Minnesota.  Their tangle with the Steelers this weekend will send someone back to the US with a long, long plane ride.

5)  San Francisco 49ers – The offense has been destroyed by the Seahawks and Colts the past two weeks.  It looked good week 1 against the Packers but now looks like it’s fallen off a cliff.  The Aldon Smith situation won’t help the D at all so the offense is going to have to start scoring in double figures again or the Niners won’t win.


Week 3 started with the Thursday night tilt as Andy Reid took his Chiefs to Philly to beat the Eagles.  The triumphant return of Reid showed the nation he’s not afraid to run the ball or play defense.  Something that’d be questioned his last couple of years in Philadelphia.  The Eagles were beaten up by a very good Kansas City defense.  The Chiefs have one of the league’s best group of linebackers.  Justin Houston and Tamba Hali have been flying around the edge these first three games wrecking havoc in the backfield.  If Alex Smith keeps up the way he’s been protecting the ball, Kansas City is going to be in the playoff race all season long.


A couple of surprising outcomes this weekend.  I, along with many, was shocked at the Browns trading Trent Richardson.  I think he’s going to be a very good runner in the NFL.  People were saying Cleveland has given up on the season but they went out and won at Minnesota.   If the Browns can just get somewhat effective QB play they can win games.


The biggest surprise of the weekend was Indianapolis traveling to San Francisco and dominating the 49ers 27-7.  Were the Niners still reeling from the Seahawks dominating them last week or has the league figured out how to stop Colin Kaepernick?  The Colts ran all over  a great D in San Fran.  Jim Harbaugh has a lot to fix this week.


My weekly awards:

Player of the Week:  Rashad Johnson (DB – Cardinals) – Usually this is based on an impressive play or overall performance.  He’s my player of the week because he broke off part of his finger and didn’t even know it.  He didn’t realize the top of his finger has detached until he took his glove off!

Team of the Week:  Kansas City Chiefs – they won one for their coach in his return and helped sow seeds of doubt around the NFL as to Chip Kelly’s effectiveness with his high tempo offense.

Game of the Week:  Packers at Bengals – Cincy jumped out to a 14 point lead only to have the Packers come back and take a double digit lead.  Then Cincy wins it on a fumble return for a touchdown.  It was a good game to watch Sunday afternoon.

We’ll have our NFL Week 4 Predictions out tomorrow!  Get predicted scores for all games for $5 a week by joining us for the season!