NBA Finals Game 7 Prediction for June 20, 2013


NBA Playoff Results
Yesterday:  1-0 SU (100%), 1-0 (100%) ATS, 1-0 (100%) Total
2013 Playoffs: 59-25 SU (70%), 47-36-1 ATS (57%), 42-41-1 (51%) Totals

It all comes down to this.  A nine month journey ends with 48 minutes of basketball to crown a champion.  This has been a great series and it’s fitting it comes down to one game for the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

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NBA Finals Game 7 Prediction for June 20, 2013:

Spurs 52% 100 188
Heat 48% 98 -6

Today’s spokesmodel is Jennifer Gonzalez.


About Jennifer Gonzalez:
Hometown: Redondo Beach, California
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Sports Team: Clippers

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