NBA Predictions for December 17, 2012

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Jeremy Lin returns to MSG tonight to take on the Knicks.  He should get a good ovation from the crowd as many seemed disappointed to see him leave.  The Rockets are a team coming together but the Knicks are playing the best basketball in the NBA right now.  Out West, the two best teams collide in OKC.  They seem to always put together great games so tune in if you can.

Here’s tonight’s action:

Timberwolves 96 192
Magic 95 3.5
Clippers 101 193.5
Pistons 95 7
Rockets 96 210.5
Knicks 107 -10
Bulls 87 178.5
Grizzlies 92 -6
Spurs 105 207
Thunder 107 -4.5
Kings 99 198
Suns 102 -6