NFL Survivor Pool Picks Week 12

by Matt Fischer

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Week 12 NFL Survivor Pool Picks

Another horrible upset crushing my pick to drop me to 5-6 on the season as the Chargers gave up a field goal at the end to lose at home to the lowly Broncos.  15 games this week, let’s find a winner!

I want you to survive your eliminator pool this NFL season so I’m giving you my free survivor pool strategy all season. After 15-2 last season, it’s a 5-6 record for this season.  My survivor pool picks are based upon our data driven NFL predictions and power rankings.

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Survivor Pool Pick Strategy:

There are easy steps to cut down your potential pick for your NFL survivor pool.  Follow the strategy below to make week 12 NFL Survivor Pool picks.  The Chiefs and Rams are on a bye week.


Eliminate the Teams Already Picked in 2018

We eliminate the four teams I’ve already picked including the Lions (week 1), Redskins (week 2), Vikings (week 3), Jaguars (week 4), Panthers (week 5), Packers (week 6), Eagles (week 7), Bears (week 8), Cowboys (week 9), Chiefs (week 10) and Chargers (week 11).  The Panthers, Vikings, Jaguars, Eagles, Cowboys, Chargers and Bears are predicted winners so they’re out of consideration for this week.  The others are on a bye or predicted losers.  We cut from 15 to 8 teams to consider in week 12…let’s hope that’s a omen to survive NFL week 12.

Eliminate Toss-Up Winners

Next, I eliminate toss-up games.  That means we’re cutting the 1 point winners out of the list.  This week the Bengals and 49ers are predicted one point winners so we’re down to 6 teams remaining for our NFL week 12 survivor pool pick.

Eliminate Road Winners

Then we eliminate road teams.  I don’t like taking road teams to win in the NFL at all.  Just too risky when you need a win, go with a home team.

Eliminating predicted road winners, the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots are predicted road winners this week so they’re out of consideration for our week 12 NFL Survivor Pool Pick leaving four teams.

Eliminate Low Ranking Winners

Next, I look for teams that aren’t in our 20 of the power rankings.  All four remaining teams are not only in our top 20 but all are in our top 10.  We’re still at 4 teams, the Colts, Ravens, Saints and Texans as potential week 12 NFL survivor pool picks.

Eliminate Winners Playing Good Teams

Then, I look for our predicted winners that are playing teams ranked in the top 16 and take them out of consideration.  None of the final four teams are playing a top 16 team.  We have four teams left to consider for my week 12 NFL Survivor Pool Pick.

Final Week 12 NFL Survivor Pool Pick Candidate

After cutting down our list of potential NFL Survivor Pool Picks for week 12, four teams remain, the Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints.  I’ll rank them in order of confidence.

4 – Houston Texans – On Monday Night, the Texans host divisional foe Tennessee.  The Titans have been yo-yo’ing.  They played a great game in blowing out the Patriots then last weekend got dominated by the Colts.  Will they be up this week?  With this being a divisional game, I’m staying away.

3 – Baltimore Ravens – The Raiders come to town off of a win.  They’re flying cross country and shouldn’t be in this game.  Joe Flacco’s status is up in the air again this week so I’m holding off on selecting the Ravens.

2 -New Orleans Saints – I tend to stay away from divisional games as familiarity can make them closer than expected.  Plus with a short week, I’ll hold off on the Saints.

1 – Indianapolis Colts – The Colts are really playing well.  The Dolphins aren’t and will have Ryan Tannehill back under center.  I’ll ride with Andrew Luck and the Colts this week.  Take the Colts to survive NFL Week 12.

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