NFL Ties Must End Now, We Need Winners!

By Matt Fischer

We had another stupid tie this week in the NFL as the Packers and Vikings ended the game each with 29 points. In week 1, it was the Browns and Steelers each putting 21 points on the scoreboard when the game was ended.  Ties must end in the NFL.


The great thing about sports is you’re competing to win. You’ll know if you had what it takes to win when you step on that football field. These professional football players put in a week’s worth of preparation to win…yet nobody did…twice this season already.

The NFL has enough negativity swirling around it these days without having to give fans the dissatisfaction of watching three and a half hours of football only to get a result as if the game never happened.

Commissioner Goodell END TIES NOW! PLEASE!


So you’ve played four quarters and the score is tied up. No problem. We’re going to get a winner and we’re going to do it quickly. Here are my idea to end the game quickly and dramatically:

1 – Teams get the ball at the 20 yard line and have 4 plays to get it in the end zone. If they do, they must go for two. No first downs, no field goals, it’s end zone or bust.

2 – If the game remains tied, it becomes a field goal contest. Since the league is so concerned with player safety and why games can’t go past one fifteen minutes overtime, I’ll humor them and put player safety at the top of my consideration.

Each team will get the ball at the 30 yard line. The long snapper, holder and kicker are the only three players on the field. We keep taking turns kicking until there’s one make and one miss, backing up five yards if each team continues to make.


NFL Sundays are great but how disappointed are you when your team ties? End this. Have a final resolution to every NFL game. END TIES NOW!

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