NFL Week 1 Morning After

by Matt Fischer

Welcome to NFL Morning After where I recap each NFL Sunday.  Look forward to this every Monday morning of the NFL season.

What's Inside

NFL Week 1 Headlines:

  • The Chiefs are Still Showtime
  • The Patriots Hammered the Steelers
  • Browns aren’t ready yet
  • Sunday Smackdowns

Our first NFL Sunday is in the books for 2019.  A few close calls but many decisive victories in week 1.


Kansas City put up 40 in Jacksonville.  Even with MVPat Mahomes suffering a sprained ankle and Tyreek Hill going down in the first quarter with a shoulder injury the Chiefs kept cruising.

On the other side, Nick Foles made a great throw for a TD but suffered a broken clavicle on the throw.  Disappointing for Foles and Jags’ fans but Gardner Minshew played great.

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Sunday Smackdowns

The Patriots just destroyed the Steelers on Sunday Night Football 33-3.  I don’t think the Patriots are much different than last year’s team.  Pittsburgh is missing a difference makers on offense.  Someone is going to have to step up and be their go to big play guy.  I don’t even want to mention the name of the Clown he has to replace.

 The biggest thing I noticed on Sunday were the number of blowouts.  Six of the 14 week 1 games so far were decided by 14 or more points.  The Ravens were the big winners again in week 1 this year demolishing the Dolphins 59-10 following up on last year’s 47-3 beatdown of the Bills.

The AFC North was the most interesting division on Sunday.  If Lamar Jackson can keep tossing it the way he did Sunday in Miami, the Ravens are legit contenders.  After the Steelers and Browns had 30 point losses, each have pressure building.  The Bengals surprised as they only lost by 1 in Seattle.  This division will be interesting to watch going forward.

The Colts will still contend in the AFC South without Andrew Luck. They took a good Chargers team to OT on Sunday.

Monday Night Football Preview

I think we’re headed for a great game tonight with the Saints hosting the Texans.  The Texans are ready for primetime.  Can they become Super Bowl contenders? 

New Orleans has struggled week 1 in past seasons.  Will they be ready to play tonight?

In the late game, I think it’ll be boring. I like points and I don’t expect much out of the Raiders or Broncos.

NFL Playoff Predictions

After Sunday of week 1, these are my playoff picks for each conference:

AFC – Chiefs, Patriots, Ravens, Texans, Chargers, Titans

NFC – Rams, Saints, Cowboys, Vikings, Eagles, 49ers

I’m still with my preseason Super Bowl pick: Kansas City Chiefs vs. New Orleans Saints.

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