Potential College Basketball Matchups


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We’re a month away from the NCAA Tournament so we decided to go ahead and simulate games we hope to see this March.  We started with potential top seeds against one another and then a bunch of bubble teams.

Here’s how games would play out today on a neutral court:

Florida 70
Miami 65
Indiana 78
Gonzaga 76
Arizona St 67
Temple 62
Virginia 65
Massachusetts 53
Maryland 66
Boise St 57
North Carolina 74
Iowa St 78
Villanova 68
Stanford 64
St. John’s 68
BYU 76
California 69
St. Mary’s 76
Baylor 72
Indiana St 64

We’ll be doing this for the next few weeks leading up to the NCAA Tournament so send matchups you’d like to see at info@sportsformulator.com or Tweet them to us.