Projected Odds for NFL Playoffs


The NFL Playoffs are now upon us as we have four games this weekend.  We decided to take the suspense (not really) out of waiting to see who will take home the Lombardi Trophy next month.  Based on our formula, we projected each team’s chance of winning both their conference and Super Bowl XLVII.

Odds to Win the AFC Championship
New England Patriots – 26%
Denver Broncos – 22%
Houston Texans – 19%
Baltimore Ravens – 15%
Cincinnati Bengals – 14%
Indianapolis Colts – 4%

Odds to Win the NFC Championship
San Francisco 49ers – 21%
Atlanta Falcons – 20%
Seattle Seahawks – 20%
Green Bay Packers – 19%
Washington Redskins – 12%
Minnesota Vikings – 8%

Odds to Win Super Bowl XLVII
New England Patriots – 17%
Seattle Seahawks – 13%
Denver Broncos – 12%
San Francisco 49ers -12%
Atlanta Falcons – 11%
Green Bay Packers – 10%
Houston Texans – 9%
Baltimore Ravens – 5%
Cincinnati Bengals – 4%
Washington Redskins – 4%
Minnesota Vikings – 2%
Indianapolis Colts – 1%

You’re saying say to yourself how do the Seahawks have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl than the 49ers when the 49ers have a better chance of winning the NFC. Simply, we ran every scenario for the playoffs in calculating these odds and in some cases the Seahawks have a higher winning percentage against some teams than the 49ers.

Odds of Conference Win Super Bowl XLVII
NFC – 54%
AFC – 46%

These odds are calculated based on all the potential Super Bowl XLVII match-ups, not by simply adding up the odds of each team in the conference’s odds of winning.

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