SportsFormulator is Back!

by Matt Fischer

The past two weeks have been the hardest I’ve had running SportsFormulator. Server went down and took awhile.

About noon on Tuesday, June 11, 2019, I noticed I couldn’t login to the backend of the website. Then I noticed emails weren’t coming through either.

The site showed up but none of the links worked and there was simply nothing I could do as the server hosting everything was totally down.

I contacted Bluehost, our server provider. They didn’t give me much information. We’ve had minor glitches before but normally something that’s been fixed within 24 hours…this time was much different.

Wednesday came and went without any explanation from Bluehost. This would be a pattern over the next nearly two weeks. No response but I checked on social media and several people were down as well and we all had the same type of account with Bluehost.

I was contacting them daily and getting little information other than “engineers are working on it”. This is unacceptable when you run an online business. Downtown means no new customers and I can’t communicate with them via email either to let them know what is going on with the site.

Incredibly disappointed with Bluehost after days of this, I decided to move hosting to Dreamhost. They have been great and site and email are both up and running now.

Good news too is the site has a faster loading time so that’s good for all of us!

Unfortunately, things can’t move quickly when online. It takes time to register new site on server and point the domain to the new server.

Thank You

Appreciate all of you staying with SportsFormulator through this mess. Data driven redictions are back up and running.

I’ve been working heavily on football and have some great content coming to you soon. Look for 2019 NFL and college football previews to come out in early July.

Stay Updated

If you not already, follow us on social media. Hopefully this never happens again but we put info out on TwitterFacebookInstagram.