The Top 30 NBA Draft Prospects for 2013


by Matt Fischer

The 2013 NBA Draft is live Thursday, June 27.  I’ve analyzed player’s performance and here’s how I project them in the NBA.  I see a few players with All-Star potential while most of this draft focuses on potential NBA starters or sixth man type of players.   Too many players in this draft need more experience.  If you’re looking for immediate help from this draft, you better be picking in the top 5.  These are my top 30 prospects for the 2013 NBA Draft.

1.  Victor Oladipo (SG – Indiana) – Oladipo has a NBA game.  He’s ready to contribute from day 1.  He can drive to the basket and score but also plays great defense.  He needs to improve his perimeter shot.  If he can hit the 3-point shot on a regular basis in the NBA, he’ll be a star.

2.  Ben McLemore (SG – Kansas) – Has great range and the ability to get the ball to the rim.  I think he’s going to have a tough transition defensively.  He needs to get stronger but two years from now he’ll be a very good player for a team.

3.  Otto Porter Jr. (SF – Georgetown) – He’ll contribute from the time he steps on the court in the NBA.  He can get his own shot which is the key to NBA success.  I think he’s a starter and may make an All-Star team down the road.

4.  Michael Carter-Williams (PG – Syracuse) – He needs to bulk up but I like his ability to transition to the NBA.  I think he’s a starter his first night and becomes a quality player.  He’s got the size and vision to create for his teammates.  If paired up with good shooters, he can average 8-10 assists as a rookie.

5.  Alex Len (C – Maryland) – Has great skills for a big man.  He can score around the basket but the question is will he get pushed around in the NBA.  I think he’ll develop into a premier player in the NBA but it’ll take a few years.

6.  Anthony Bennett (PF – UNLV) – Bennett had surgery and is a question mark heading into the NBA.  He has range and great explosion.  I think he starts right away in the NBA.  He’s more ready now then Alex Len but I think Len’s ceiling is higher.

7.  Nerlens Noel (C – Kentucky) – He’s difficult to project due to the injury.  His shot blocking will make him effective right away but he must get stronger to defend NBA post players.  I think he’s going to have to greatly improve his offensive game.  He’s a good complimentary player but I don’t see him being a star in the NBA.

8.  Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (SG – Georgia) – He’s a great scorer.  He carried the Bulldogs his entire career.  His downside is he’s a little reckless.  If he cuts down on turnovers he can be a star.

9.  Cody Zeller (PF – Indiana) – Zeller has tremendous range and mobility for his position.  He’s got to prove he can score against the physical defenders down low in the NBA.  I think he’s a starter that teamed with the right Center can be a great front court tandem.

10.  Mike Muscala (PF – Bucknell) – I like Muscala a lot.  He’s got a great shot and will be a tremendous stretch four for a team.  He can bring his defender out and open up lanes for .  If he falls out of the lottery, a team is getting a steal.

11.  Trey Burke (PG – Michigan) – An unbelievable offensive player.  He can score from anywhere on the court.  I think he’s going to have problems guarding the opposition in the NBA.  In what has become the league’s most talented position, Burke will have to greatly improve his defense or he’ll become a liability.  The team drafting him is taking the chance he’ll be able to impact the game enough offensively to outpace any defensive defects.

12.  C.J. McCollum (PG – Lehigh) – Great scorer with hands that pick the opposition’s pocket.  He’s got range but the question is how will he adjust to playing elite competition every night coming from a league

13.  Jamaal Franklin (SG – San Diego State) – His length and athleticism should make him a player right away.  He’s got the ability to get to the rim but needs to develop a consistent outside shot.  He should be the best rebounding guard in this draft as well.

14.  Steven Adams (C – Pittsburgh) – Very raw but has tremendous size.  If he gets with the right coach he could become a solid player.  He’s a bit of a gamble right now but if I ran a NBA team that was good at developing post players, I’d draft him.  NBA guards aren’t going to want him see him setting screens that’s for sure.

15.  Allen Crabbe (SG – California) – He’s a great scorer and is also willing to play defense.  That is going to get him playing time right away.  If he gets paired with a point guard who can penetrate, he can show off his range and make contributions right away.

16.  Reggie Bullock (SG – North Carolina) – Danny Green may have made a fellow Tar Heel rise up draft boards the past week.  Bullock’s 3-point ability could get him in the lottery.  I think he has the size and athleticism to be effective right away in the league.  I think he’ll be a great contributor off the bench as a rookie before moving into a starting role in a couple of years.

17.   Shane Larkin (PG – Miami) – Larkin showed great leadership at the U.  I think he’s going to be an effective player in the NBA but needs to improve his perimeter shooting.

18.  Archie Goodwin (SG – Kentucky) – He’s a good competitor and has a good shot.  He’s got to cut down on turnovers and play under control.  He needs a couple years before being a big time contributor to a team but he’ll get there.

19.  Erick Green (SG – Virginia Tech) – Not really a PG so I project him as a 2-guard in the NBA.  He’s a little small for it but he can score.  This is one of the best scorers in this draft and I think you take a chance on him being a boost off the bench for your team.

20.  Shabazz Muhammad (SF – UCLA) – Off the court issues could have Muhammad fall quite a ways on draft night.  Finding out he was a year older than stated during his one season at UCLA didn’t help his stock at all.  He has talent but desire is a question.  I think a team a team drafting him knows the risk but feel it’s a good enough gamble that he’ll be an impact player.

21.  Trevor Mbakwe (PF – Minnesota) – Knee injuries will scare a lot of teams off but this guy will make your team better right away.  He’s a great rebounder and I think can have a similar impact to what Kenneth Faried has done in Denver.  Health is what’s hard to project and is keeping me from putting him in the top 15.

22.   Kelly Olynyk (PF – Gonzaga) – Olynyk has some good post moves but I think is going to struggle in the NBA.  I think he lacks the explosion to score consistently against the top tier PF’s.

23.   Dennis Schroeder (PG – Germany) – Great speed and ability to get the ball to the rim.  He’ll take some time to adjust to the NBA but a few years down the line he’ll be an effective starting PG.

24.  Gorgui Dieng (C – Louisville) – Great shot blocker and rebounder.  Showed he can pass and run the court.  Must improve his offensive game though.

25.   Jeff Withey (C – Kansas) – Withey was an outstanding shot blocker at KU.  His toughness will be welcomed by a lot of teams looking to improve their defense.  He’s a guy who won’t be a big time scorer for a team but will have an impact on the glass.

26.   Erik Murphy (PF – Florida) – He can shoot it from anywhere.  He’ll be a great addition of the bench for a team needing a guy to stretch the defense.

27.  Tony Snell (SF – New Mexico) – Has length to be a bothersome defender but needs to improve his shooting accuracy.  He’s a guy who could be a good bench player for a playoff team.

28.  Lucas Nogueira (C – Brazil) – He has length and speed which will make him a good shot changer in the NBA.  He’s raw around the rim and needs to develop better post moves to be an offensive weapon.

29.  Mason Plumlee (C – Duke) – He’s a guy who will make a career out of his rebounding and fundamentals.  He’s a smart player and will be a great role player.

30.   Isaiah Canaan (PG – Murray State) – No guy in this draft is as used to taking big shots as this guy.  He was a scoring machine for the Racers.  His size is the problem.

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