Week 1 College Football Contest Picks

Here we go! It’s Gameday of week 1 of the 2019 college football season and we’re closing in on kickoff.

Consensus College Football Picks – Week 1

  • Virginia -2.5 (79%)
  • Auburn -3.5 (54%)
  • Florida State -4.5 (54%)
  • Northwestern +6.5 (60%)
  • USC -13.5 (52%)
  • Texas -20.5 (79%)
  • Alabama -35.5 (56%)

All Entries

AlanS65Virginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Northwestern +6.5USC -13.5LA Tech +20.5Duke +35.5
AndyVirginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Florida St -4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
Asenk14Virginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
AuburnTigressVirginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Northwestern +6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
AXMANN IS DA GURUVirginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Florida St -4.5Northwestern +6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
Bamaboy5476Pitt +2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5LA Tech +20.5Alabama -35.5
Big BoiyPitt +2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
Bluesman1965Virginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5LA Tech +20.5Alabama -35.5
bobbyblueVirginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Florida St -4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
BruceVirginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
Butch KVirginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5LA Tech +20.5Duke +35.5
CLT33Virginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
Contest LeaderVirginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Boise St +4.5Stanford -6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
dennymo6Virginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
eboren8Virginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Florida St -4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
FLFOOTBALLFANVirginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Boise St +4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
HootmansPitt +2.5Oregon +3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
HowardVirginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Boise St +4.5Stanford -6.5Fresno St +13.5LA Tech +20.5Duke +35.5
HuskerBry5977Virginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5LA Tech +20.5Alabama -35.5
Jabber811Virginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
jeffVirginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
JeffojVirginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
jer rosePitt +2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Northwestern +6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
JiggersPitt +2.5Auburn -3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5LA Tech +20.5Duke +35.5
John SmeloskyVirginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Florida St -4.5Northwestern +6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
JsnesqPitt +2.5Oregon +3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
JStaub12Virginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Boise St +4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
Kargo PuntsPitt +2.5Oregon +3.5Florida St -4.5Northwestern +6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
LSUGIRL55Pitt +2.5Auburn -3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5LA Tech +20.5Duke +35.5
lukes badgersVirginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
Maryland PatapscoVirginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Florida St -4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
Mcheck92Virginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Florida St -4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
MG BlazePitt +2.5Oregon +3.5Florida St -4.5Stanford -6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
mickeygwireVirginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
mickeygwire1Virginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
Mustangmike390Virginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Florida St -4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
OddballVirginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Florida St -4.5Northwestern +6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
paulhelfstVirginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Boise St +4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
Ralph75Virginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Boise St +4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
RichardVirginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
robjay2002Virginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5LA Tech +20.5Duke +35.5
ShaunVirginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Florida St -4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
sling poohVirginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Florida St -4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
Slippin’ JimmyVirginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5LA Tech +20.5Alabama -35.5
smackthehouse91Virginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Boise St +4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
StevenCalimerVirginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
STICK BROWNPitt +2.5Oregon +3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5USC -13.5LA Tech +20.5Duke +35.5
TheMFVirginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
TheStritzVirginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
Tylershoemaker23Pitt +2.5Auburn -3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5Fresno St +13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5
Wickline75Virginia -2.5Auburn -3.5Florida St -4.5Stanford -6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Alabama -35.5
X-RAY & LOCKVirginia -2.5Oregon +3.5Boise St +4.5Northwestern +6.5USC -13.5Texas -20.5Duke +35.5

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