Welcome to the New SportsFormulator.com!


by Matt Fischer (President/Founder of SportsFormulator)

Welcome to the new SportsFormulator.com!

After hours and hours spent developing the new website, it is finally here!  I’m pretty sure the process has taken years off of my life but it’s here and I’m happy.  I’m excited to introduce it to you and see what your response is.  Let me know what you think by commenting below or send me an email at matt@sportsformulator.com.

You’ll notice a lot of changes in the new site.  We’ll have many more images and graphics on the site.  Hopefully they caught your attention when you first got to SportsFormulator.com.  We’ll have more content as well.  Now that we’re at the MLB All-Star Break, our attention becomes divided as we still cover Major League Baseball but also begin our 2013 football preview.  We are releasing today our first posts for the 2013 college football season.  Later this month we’ll start with our NFL preview.  SportsFormulator is your resource to look smart with your buddies and win this football season.  We will give you the best information on the market.

We’re transitioning from beta mode to a better product.  I want to thank all of you who’ve been here with us during the beta mode and provided so much valuable feedback from sending me an email or filling out a survey.  It means a lot.  I started this company by myself in late 2012 and have gotten great support from many of you.  I always appreciate the honest feedback you give and hope it continues as we move forward.

The biggest change you’ll probably notice is we now have a premium section.  We will still offer a great deal of free content but for football season have premium options.  We encourage you to register for the site to stay updated on the latest from us.  A free option is available that will allow you to have access to our power rankings where we’ll tell you how all 126 college football teams and 32 NFL teams stack up each week.  Our projected win percentages for every game listed on the board in Las Vegas will be free on the site each week as well.

For those of you looking for more we offer premium packages.  For just $5 a week you can get our 2013 NFL or college football package.  This will give you access to our predicted scores where we’ll give you a detailed score for every game.  You will also get our recommended plays for that weekend.  And to show you we believe in what we’re offering you, you can see how we played the recommended games each weekend as well.

It was my success at NFL and college football last year that told me I had something and led me to sharing it with you now.  I hope you join us to make this the best football season you’ve ever had.  Check out our subscription options and pick the one best suited for your needs this football season.

Go take a look around the new site.  Let me know what you think.  Thank you for visiting.