You may have some questions so check out the Q&A below. If you we don’t answer your question please contact us at cs@sportsformulator.com.

Q. Why should I subscribe?
A. You should subscribe because you want winning predictions. You will find our predicted scores and selected plays to be profitable. Our predictions and plays are affordable and will win. You can subscribe for less than $5 a week! If you have questions about the game or want more details on plays just shoot us an email. We’re here to make you successful! Shop around and compare us if you need more convincing.

Q. What do you offer for free?
A. We open the site up for free at certain times of year. The first couple of weeks of a season will be free and specific days we will offer the premium info for free.

Q. Does my subscription automatically renew?
A. The SF5 and SF365 memberships do NOT automatically renew but the SF30 membership does.

Q. Is my information safe?
A. Your information is safe and secure with us. We will NEVER sell, loan, lease, give or even let someone else look at your information. Nor will we spam you.

Q. Which package is best suited to me?
A. It’s up to you ultimately. Maybe you want to start with a 10 day package and see if you like what we’re giving up and then upgrade. Maybe you’ve been winning with us for months and want to look in the superior savings a SF365 Membership offers.  Contact us if you have questions at cs@sportsformulator.com.

Q. Do you recommend a sportsbook?
A. No we don’t recommend a sportsbook (nor take bets). We encourage you to research a sportsbook carefully and review the laws in your jurisdiction.

Q. Can I cancel a package?
A. No, all sales are final. We strive to provide you the best experience possible by giving you outstanding information to make you successful and think you’ll be very satisfied with your purchase. If you have quest

Q. Do you offer a free trial of the premium subscription?
A. At the start of seasons, we leave the premium info free for 7-14 days.