Company Blog – October 30, 2012


And you are looking live at! Sorry had to take Brent Musburger’s opening line there. We are open for business and I’m excited yet nervous as well. Three games tonight could determine if the formula is taken seriously or dismissed.

I’ve had no problem sharing winners from the formula with friends but it’s a different ball game now that I’ve opened it up to the masses. There’s a different kind of pressure when you open yourself up to evaluation by the world. It’s sink or swim. You either win or lose. It’s black or white. You either picked the winner or you didn’t so we’re about hours away. This is almost like election night. It’s now out of your hands and you’ve got to wait for the returns. Speaking of election night, next Tuesday we will release our forecast for the 2012 election with a state by state breakdown so if you like politics like I do check back for that.

So check out all of our NBA features today and we’ll have football up later. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get reminders when picks go up each day. Thanks for visiting.