2013 NFC Predictions


The NFC will try to take the Lombardi Trophy back from the AFC this season and has some great teams that’ll battle for the right to take it back from the AFC at Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey.  Here’s how the NFC will go based upon the formula’s predicted records for each team.

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NFC East

1.  New York Giants

The Giants lost Ahmad Bradshaw in free agency which could lead to them relying more on the arm of Eli Manning.  The defense enters the year a little banged up but that’s nothing new for the G-men.  They’ll be well coached and should climb back to the top of the NFC East this season.

Predicted Record:  11-5

2.  Washington Redskins

RG3 will take a step back this year.  Defenses around the league catchup to players and a sophomore slump awaits the Washington QB.  His constant need for attention and the name “Redskins” could lead to some controversy in DC this year.  They’ll be a good team but playing a first place schedule will knock them down to .500 this season.

Predicted Record:  8-8

3.  Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys think they’ll have an improved defense with a change at coordinator.  They need it.  They have often been unable to make the key stop to win games the past few seasons.  The schedule is challenging for the ‘Boys and will lead to a lot of L’s in Big D.

Predicted Record:  7-9

4.  Philadelphia Eagles

The hardest team to predict because you just don’t know what exactly Chip Kelly will unleash when the regular season arrives.  You know they’ll get a lot of plays but does that put injury prone Michael Vick in danger?  The Eagles are banged up and I think are lacking the talent to compete right now.  Chip Kelly can coach and needs to get a few more players to fit his system before a playoff run in Philly.

Predicted Record:  6-10

NFC North

1.  Green Bay Packers

The Packers have injuries on the O-line and that could spell trouble for them.  They’ve got the best talent in the backfield they’ve had in a few years so they will try to take some of the load off of Aaron Rodgers.  The schedule is brutal for them though so while the Packers will be a very good team, the record won’t reflect it.

Predicted Record:  8-8

2.  Minnesota Vikings

Cordarelle Patterson could be the guy the Vikings have needed for years.  If he can be the receiving threat that opens up the field some for Adrian Peterson look out.  Peterson wants the rushing mark and he could set it if defenses have to respect a deep threat from the Vikings.  The Vikes will be in the playoff hunt but come up just short.

Predicted Record:  8-8

3.  Detroit Lions

Do the Lions get it back together this year?  They were a playoff team in 2011 and then dropped significantly last season.  They’ve got talent but can’t they find a way to perform at their peak each week.  It’ll be a struggle for them and they have another losing season.

Predicted Record:  7-9

4.  Chicago Bears

Brandon Marshall says he’s hurt and could become a big distraction for the Bears.  Marc Trestman was brought in to give the offense some life.  They need to improve the O-line so Jay Cutler can have time to throw.  It’s gonna be a tough year in Chicago.

Predicted Record:  6-10

NFC South

1.  Atlanta Falcons

Steven Jackson keeps the Falcons in the Super Bowl picture.  He will have gaping holes as defenses try to cover all of Matt Ryan’s receivers.  The key to the Falcons is the defense stepping up and being Super Bowl level.  They did that last year but can they do it again?

Predicted Record:  12-4

2.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs look ready to take a step forward and be in the playoffs this year.  As long as Josh Freeman progresses this year, the Bucs should be playoff contenders.  Darrelle Revis will bolster the defense and help them against the great QB’s in the division.

Predicted Record:  10-6

3.  Carolina Panthers

The Panthers improve upon last year but still need more playmakers to be a playoff contender.  Cam Newton will lead the team and keep them in most games.  They’ll just have trouble winning those close games again this year.

Predicted Record:  8-8

4.  New Orleans Saints

Sean Payton is back on the sideline for the Saints but do they have the defense figured out?  The Saints struggled mightily there last year and a slight improvement is expected but not enough to make them a contender.

Predicted Record:  6-10

NFC West

1.  San Francisco 49ers

The Niners picked up Anquan Boldin and that makes up for the loss of Michael Crabtree.  I think he’ll be a big addition for Colin Kaepernick and Vernon Davis.  Boldin’s experience will be invaluable to the young QB and take some attention away from Davis.  The defense should be stout again and they should be the top seed in the NFC.

Predicted Record:  13-3

2.  Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks made some great moves in the offseason and could be even better on defense.  Russell Wilson is back for year 2 and should so progress.  If Percy Harvin can produce, they’ll be a force.

Predicted Record:  12-4

3.  St. Louis Rams

The Rams will be need Tavon Austin to be a big threat on offense.  The loss of Steven Jackson is going to hurt them.  They could count on him for tough yards.  Now they’ll need more out of Sam Bradford who needs a receiver to count on when they need a big play.  The Rams are still a year away from challenging for the division.

Predicted Record:  7-9

4.  Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals season rests on the right arm of Carson Palmer.  He’s gotta be an upgrade at the QB season compared to what they’ve had the past few years.  They’re in a difficult division and the schedule does them no favors.  The Cardinals will be a decent team but the record isn’t gonna look good.

Predicted Record:  4-12

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