2013 AFC Predictions


The AFC seems to lack the top teams the NFC has talent wise but should be very competitive.  The schedule sets up well for a few teams to jump up from poor 2012 seasons.  Here’s how the NFC will go based upon the formula’s predicted records for each team.

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AFC East

1.  New England Patriots

If Rob Gronkowski returns from injury to his previous form, they could make a run.  Without him, it’s hard to see the Pats winning a playoff game this year.

Predicted Record:  10-6

2.  Miami Dolphins

Mike Wallace should boost the passing game a great deal.  Will they miss Reggie Bush in the backfield?  The schedule will be difficult.  This team will be improved but is a year away from the playoffs.

Predicted Record:  7-9

3.  New York Jets

The Jets are in turmoil.  Things have been disrupted since the draft when they chose Geno Smith.  Now with him floundering through the preseason and Mark Sanchez injured, Jets fans can’t be too confident heading into the season.  When Sanchez is healthy, will he be back starting or on a new team?

Predicted Record:  4-12

4.  Buffalo Bills

E.J. Manuel was having a good camp and then injury interrupted that.  Then Kevin Kolb went down for the year and possibly his career, forces an undrafted rookie into the starting role to begin the season.

Predicted Record:  3-13

AFC North

1.  Cincinnati Bengals

The Playoff experience of last season will pay benefits this year.  Andy Dalton has the most weapons he’s had while a Bengal.  The defense should be ready to make them a contender.  The Bengals climb to the top of the league’s best division.

Predicted Record:  11-5

 2.  Pittsburgh Steelers

Jarvis Jones is going to be Defensive Rookie of the Year.  He’s in the perfect situation and is going to be a force for the Steelers.  They’ll bounce back from a disappointing 2012 campaign with a good season and AFC contender.

Predicted Record:  10-6

3.  Cleveland Browns

Brandon Weeden should show significant improvement this season under Norv Turner.  The Browns have a lot of unknown talent on the roster and if Trent Richardson stays healthy they should be in the playoff hunt come December.

Predicted Record:  9-7

4.  Baltimore Ravens

The defending Super Bowl Champions have a very challenging schedule.  They’ve lost a lot of playmakers from last year’s team but as long as they have John Harbaugh coaching Ray Rice and Joe Flacco this team will be tough to beat.  They will be up and down and miss the playoffs in 2013.

Predicted Record:  8-8

AFC South

1.  Houston Texans

Texans have a load of talent.  With Ed Reed joining an already good defense that welcomes back Brian Cushing, this team could steamroll the division and most of their schedule.  This is the year the Texans take a big step forward.

Predicted Record:  14-2

2.  Tennessee Titans

The Titans will be a team that stays in most games but will struggle to win them at the end.  They need more playmakers on both sides of the ball.  They’ll need to wait at least one more season to think about the playoffs.

Predicted Record:  6-10

3.  Indianapolis Colts

The Colts last year rode Bruce Arians’ creativity and the momentum of playing Chuck Strong.  All of that is gone this season plus they’ll play a much more difficult schedule.  Andrew Luck will make them very tough to beat but the defense is still transitioning and it’ll be a long season in Indy.

Predicted Record:  6-10

4.  Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars need better QB play.  Blaine Gabbert starts the year injured but seems like he’ll play Sunday.  The Jaguars have to develop a passing game to help MJD out of the backfield.  Start prepping for the draft Jags.

Predicted Record:  4-12

AFC West

1.  Denver Broncos

Wes Welker was a huge pickup for them.  He’ll fit perfectly with Peyton Manning.  The Von Miller suspense is worrisome and can hurt them to start the year.  They should be the best in this division.  The question is can they win a playoff game this year?  The defense will need to improve to do so.

Predicted Record:  11-5

2.  Kansas City Chiefs

A lot is new in Kansas City.  They return six Pro Bowlers and bring in Andy Reid to coach them along with Alex Smith to QB.  This is a team with a defense that’ll be much improved.  They’ve got playmakers at every level and with playing a last place schedule should see a big turnaround.

Predicted Record:  10-6

3.  San Diego Chargers

The Norv Turner era is over.  Enter Mike McCoy from Denver to take over.  The roster has been trending downward in talent.  I think this is a transition year and the Chargers struggle.

Predicted Record:  6-10

4.  Oakland Raiders

The Raiders have a new coach and new QB.  They’re a team that needs consistency.  The turnover in Oakland the past decade has led to chaos and a lot of losses.  This will be a typical season in Oakland.  They’ll pull off a big upset win in the midst of a bunch of losses.

Predicted Record:  4-12

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