2019 NBA Mock Draft Lottery 1.0

With the NBA on a break this Christmas Eve, I thought we’d look ahead to the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery. This is the first version of my 2019 NBA Mock Draft Lottery.

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Using Tankathon, I simulated the lottery based upon current standings and will predict all 14 NBA Lottery Picks. The Wizards won the lottery and jump up to the #1 pick. Let’s get to the Mock NBA Draft.

2019 NBA Mock Draft Lottery

2019 NBA Mock Draft Lottery

1 – Washington Wizards

The Wizards win the lottery. Will they pick someone to go with John Wall and Bradley Beal or will they be drafting one of their replacements? The Wall contract makes him virtually untradeable. They get a star in the making in Williamson.

The Pick: Zion Williamson (PF – Duke)

2 – New York Knicks

The Knicks could go anywhere with this pick. With Porzingis becoming injury prone, the Knicks have an opening for a star. Barrett is well suited to handle the spot light of playing at MSG and becoming the cornerstone for the Knicks to build upon.

The Pick: R.J. Barrett (SG – Duke)

3 – Atlanta Hawks (from Dallas Mavericks)

Luke Doncic is the best rookie in the NBA right now so the Mavs have a star and trading this pick looks good for them. The Hawks have two lottery picks so they are out to build around Trae Young.

The Pick: Bol Bol (Oregon)

4 – Phoenix Suns

The Suns need to hit on this pick or they’re in danger of forcing Devin Booker out of town. He can’t continue to waste his talent on a Suns team that can’t find a way to be competitive night after night. They get a wing player who can compliment Booker.

The Pick: Cam Reddish (SF – Duke)

5 – Cleveland Cavs

The Cavs are in full rebuild mode post-LeBron 2.0. They need talent and take the best player available.

The Pick: Nassir Little (SF – North Carolina)

6 – Chicago Bulls

The Bulls are still in teardown mode it seems so they could head any direction with this pick. I think there best option would be to get a scorer to pair with Zach Levine.

The Pick: Ja Morant (PG – Murray State)

7 – Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks made the 2018 Draft Day trade to bring Trae Young to Atlanta. They’re should be several options here for them to find a running mate for Young.

The Pick: Romeo Young (SG – Indiana)

8 – Orlando Magic

The Magic seem like they’re just one impact player away from being able to get back in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. In today’s NBA, perimeter players are at a premium.

The Pick: Darius Garland (PG – Vanderbilt)

9 – New Orleans Pelicans

With an offseason that could see Anthony Davis leave New Orleans, this pick could be part of a rebuild. Assuming AD is back in the Big Easy next season, the Pelicans go after a perimeter player.

The Pick: Kevin Porter (SG – USC)

10 – Minnesota Timberwolves

The Wolves unloaded Jimmy Butler to focus on their young core of Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. Will Thibs be back coaching in Minnesota next season? Either way, they’ll look for a wing that can score and defend.

The Pick: Keldon Johnson (SG – Kentucky)

11 – Brooklyn Nets

Things are looking up in Brooklyn. The Nets are finally rebounding from one of the worst trades in NBA history and are on the verge of being a playoff team. Can they get that final piece that puts them back in the Eastern Conference Playoffs?

The Pick: Rui Hachimura (PF – Gonzaga)

12 – Utah Jazz

After winning a playoff series last year, the Jazz have fallen back in the pack. They should get back in to the top 8 in the Western Conference by the end of the season but right now they’re a lottery team.

The Pick: De’Andre Hunter (SF – Virginia)

13 – Boston Celtics (from Memphis Grizzlies)

The last thing the Celtics need right now is another wing player. Look for them to go after a player who can play downlow.

The Pick: Kz Okpala (PF – Stanford)

14 – San Antonio Spurs

Will Gregg Popovich ride off into the sunset this offseason or rebuild the Spurs? They’re a fringe playoff team right now so it’ll be interesting to see if they go full rebuild or try to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot.

The Pick: Sekou Doumbouya (PF – Limoges)

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