Cyber Monday Offer: Free SportsFormulator for 48 Days!


We have a unique offer for you today on Cyber Monday.  Our preseason Super Bowl prediction was the Seahawks would hoist the Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey.  We’re sticking with it and so confident in our preseason pick that our Cyber Monday deal to you is we’ll give you 48 days of SportsFormulator for FREE!  If you’re a paying member, we’ll extend your membership for 48 days for free or if you don’t have a paying membership you’ll get paid access for 48 days.  The only thing you need to do is be registered by the end of 2013.  So if you’re not a registered user here at go sign up for an account to take advantage of this Cyber Monday offer!

If the Seahawks fail to make the playoffs or lose in the playoffs, the following day the offer kicks in and you get your 48 days of FREE access.  We’re all in on the Seahawks.  Right now this offer could cost us about $25,000 so we’ve put our money where our mouth is and believe .  If you’ve got a question about the offer email me at

We offered you some great deals for Black Friday so check them out if you haven’t taken advantage yet because they expire tonight.

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