Matt’s Mind: Super Bowl XLVIII – Getting It Right

From Matt Fischer – President of SportsFormulator

Well Super Bowl XLVIII has come and gone.  I have to admit I started getting nervous late last week about our Cyber Monday offer – free SportsFormulator for 48 days if the Seahawks didn’t win the Super Bowl.  What was I thinking making that bet on December 2,  two months prior to the game?  I’m just a believer in what I’m doing with SportsFormulator and wanted to make a splash.  In this business a lot of people talk, but few put their money where their mouth is.  I decided to do just that and risk about $30,000 worth of memberships on the Seahawks.  My forecast models projected they’d be the top seed in the NFC and should win out to get to the Super Bowl.  And our numbers showed the NFC had the superior conference this past NFL season.  That was good enough to make this huge bet.

I published this on Monday morning prior to the Seahawks hosting the Saints in one of the NFL’s biggest Monday night games of the season.  Had the Seahawks lost, the Saints could have ended up with homefield advantage and the Seahawks would have probably been a wildcard team having to win three games on the road to make the Super Bowl.  Luckily things worked out and the Seahawks took the road to the Super Bowl I expected.

I woke up yesterday with a sense of calm and confidence.  I had a feeling the Seahawks were going to be able to grab their first Lombardi Trophy. The NFL couldn’t have asked for a better matchup.  The league’s top ranked defense facing off with a record setting offense garnered a tremendous viewership of the Super Bowl this year.

Then the game started and it was all Seahawks.  From that botched opening snap that caused a safety to the next 34 unanswered points by the Seahawks.  The game was dominated by Seattle.  Thank you Seahawks for not making it me sweat out the fourth quarter and making me look good with you as the official SportsFormulator preseason Super Bowl Champion prediction!  I checked the betting percentages for both sides and 70% of the bets were on the Broncos to win, ESPN‘s predictors both projected the Broncos, but SportsFormulator had the Seahawks and we were right!

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