End Week 0 and have a Full Week 1 of College Football

by Matt Fischer

No More Week 0, Let’s Have a Full Week 1!

The idea of a college football week 0 is stupid.  No season starts with a 0.  Instead of having a “week 0” let’s change it up and make it a full week 1. 

We’ll start with Monday Night Football.  As great as this Miami vs. Florida game was, it would have been great to kick off a full week of college football.

Monday Night Football – College Football Edition

With the ridiculous NFL preseason dragging on and on every year, college football could take over the entire week leading up to Labor Day weekend with primetime games nightly.  Eliminate these awful preseason Monday Night Football games and replace them with two week 1 college football games.

I’d have showcase games Monday through Wednesday.  Then Thursday you have multiple games as we begin to build toward the huge opening Saturday to highlight week 1 of the college football season.

Week 1 of college football could stretch from the Monday prior to Labor Day all the way to Labor Day.

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Power 5 vs. Power 5

Having these nightly primetime games would create even more big week 1 match-ups.  If I were running college football, I’d try doing something similar to what college basketball does with conference head-to-head match-ups like the Big Ten vs. ACC Challenge.  Have each of the Power 5 schools face the other conferences with two head to head match-ups with each conference having home field in one of the games or scheduling two neutral site games.

Wouldn’t that be an awesome kick off to the season?  We’ve all been waiting months for college football to come back.  Let’s get a main course of college football, not this week 0 teaser of just two games. 

It’d be like bowl season with games nightly so we open and close every season with nightly games.  Make college football even better with a real week 1…end week 0 and give us nightly college football in August!

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