Formulator February 2017

From SportsFormulator President and Founder Matt Fischer

Welcome to Formulator February!  I’m excited to announce new features to SportsFormulator and let you know what’s coming up in February.

We’ve been asking for your feedback and I want to thank you all for giving your feedback.  We’ve had a great response and there is still time to make your voice heard.  Take Survey 1 and Survey 2 and get free picks! 

I have gotten several great emails from members of the SportsFormulator community lately and want to tell you how appreciate I am of the kind words.  It means a lot to hear from those of you who visit the site daily, buy picks and give feedback on what you enjoy.  Thank you.

New Features for SportsFormulator:

  • You can get $10 free just by entering your email address.  Every week this month I’ll draw an email address to win $40 to the Pick Shop!   [contact-form-7 id=”27044″ title=”$10 Free”]
  • Formulator Focus – you’ve been asking for this and it starts on Saturday with NBA primetime as the Knicks host the Cavs.  Look for in-depth analysis of a game of the day.  We’ll be polling on Twitter for which game to pick so stay tuned and vote for which game you want a breakdown.
  • Beat the Formulator – We’re putting the formula to the challenge against the world.  We’re inviting everyone to pick against the Formulator daily.  See our first challenger’s picks.  If you’re up for the challenge, enter now.[contact-form-7 id=”27100″ title=”Beat the Formulator”]
  • #FreePickFriday – free picks on Friday returns this week.  Get our free pick on social media.  Follow us on social media.  You never know when free picks will pop up on our TwitterFacebookInstagramGoogle+.
  • Facebook Group – I’ve created a Facebook group you can join and talk about the day’s games and get the latest from SportsFormulator.

Check out our Super Bowl 51 guarantee and make your own pick to win a prize!  We’ll be posting on social media what the consensus pick is for the Super Bowl on late Sunday afternoon.

I’d like wish Brent Musburger well in retirement.  I’ll miss hearing him call games.  He always made games more interesting.  In retirement he’s wanting to start a sports handicapping business so he might become a competitor.  The first words I typed when I launched were a tribute to him.