NFL Survivor Pool Contest – Week 7


We’re debuting a new NFL Survivor contest this week.  It’s a one week survivor.  You pick one winner from each of the pools (based upon kickoff time) and if correct you advance until you’re wrong or get all six correct.

Anyone who goes 6-0 automatically get $50 to the Pick Shop!  If nobody makes it to 6-0, the last survivor will win $50 to the Pick Shop.

Check out our data driven week 7 NFL predictions and survivor pool picks.

Week 7 NFL Schedule

Pool 1 – Thursday Night
Bears at Packers

Pool 2 – 9:30 AM ET Sunday
Giants vs. Rams (in London)

Pool 3 – 1 PM ET Kickoff Sunday
Saints at Chiefs
Colts at Titans
Vikings at Eagles
Browns at Bengals
Redskins at Lions
Raiders at Jaguars
Bills at Dolphins
Ravens at Jets

Pool 4 – 4 PM ET Kickoff Sunday
Bucs at 49ers
Chargers at Falcons
Patriots at Steelers

Pool 5 – Sunday Night
Seahawks at Cardinals

Pool 6 – Monday Night
Texans at Broncos

NFL Survivor Contest – Week 7

Pick one winner for each pool of teams.  They are each based upon kickoff time.  If you’re team doesn’t win, you are eliminated from the contest.

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