Week 2 NFL Predictions

MLB Predictions

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NFL Week 2 Preview

  • We have several games that are projected to go to the wire
  • How do the Giants rebound after the 40-0 week 1 debacle?
  • Chris Jones and Travis Kelce return for the Chiefs this weekend
  • Can Jets build on the momentum from Monday night to win in Dallas?
  • Monday Night Football Doubleheader

Week 2 NFL Schedule

This is the line-up for this week’s NFL:

  • Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles
  • Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals
  • Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons
  • Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans
  • Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Las Vegas Raiders at Buffalo Bills
  • Los Angeles Chargers at Tennessee Titans
  • Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions
  • New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals
  • San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams
  • New York Jets at Dallas Cowboys
  • Washington Commanders at Denver Broncos
  • Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots
  • New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers
  • Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

SportsFormulator provides NFL predicted scores using our proprietary formulator for each NFL week 2 game.  Our data driven NFL week 2 predictions giving you a predicted win percentage and score so use them to win your bets. If you need to know the best bets for week keep scrolling as they’re down below.

Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

1Dallas Cowboys
2San Francisco 49ers
3Philadelphia Eagles
4Buffalo Bills
5Kansas City Chiefs
6Cleveland Browns
7Los Angeles Rams
8Green Bay Packers
9Detroit Lions
10Jacksonville Jaguars
11Baltimore Ravens
12New York Jets
13Las Vegas Raiders
14Atlanta Falcons
15Miami Dolphins
16New England Patriots
17Tampa Bay Buccaneers
18Cincinnati Bengals
19New Orleans Saints
20Tennessee Titans
21Minnesota Vikings
22Washington Commanders
23Carolina Panthers
24Arizona Cardinals
25Denver Broncos
26Seattle Seahawks
27Los Angeles Chargers
28Pittsburgh Steelers
29Houston Texans
30Indianapolis Colts
31New York Giants
32Chicago Bears

NFL Predictions Week 2:

21Minnesota Vikings34.2%18
3Philadelphia Eagles65.8%31
11Baltimore Ravens50.1%22
18Cincinnati Bengals49.9%21

32Chicago Bears32.5%14
17Tampa Bay Buccaneers67.5%29

8Green Bay Packers50.4%22
14Atlanta Falcons49.6%21

30Indianapolis Colts46.7%20
29Houston Texans53.3%22

5Kansas City Chiefs52.0%25
10Jacksonville Jaguars48.0%23

13Las Vegas Raiders39.4%19
4Buffalo Bills60.6%27

27Los Angeles Chargers43.3%17
20Tennessee Titans56.7%23

26Seattle Seahawks36.7%19
9Detroit Lions63.3%30

31New York Giants41.8%19
24Arizona Cardinals58.2%26

2San Francisco 49ers58.3%26
7Los Angeles Rams41.7%19

12New York Jets29.8%12
1Dallas Cowboys70.2%29

22Washington Commanders49.6%19
25Denver Broncos50.4%20

15Miami Dolphins47.1%21
16New England Patriots52.9%23
19New Orleans Saints49.3%20
23Carolina Panthers50.7%21

6Cleveland Browns59.7%25
28Pittsburgh Steelers40.3%16

NFL Point Totals – Week 2

Philadelphia Eagles31
Detroit Lions30
Dallas Cowboys29
Tampa Bay Buccaneers29
Buffalo Bills27
San Francisco 49ers26
Arizona Cardinals26
Kansas City Chiefs25
Cleveland Browns25
New England Patriots23
Jacksonville Jaguars23
Tennessee Titans23
Houston Texans22
Green Bay Packers22
Baltimore Ravens22
Cincinnati Bengals21
Atlanta Falcons21
Miami Dolphins21
Carolina Panthers21
New Orleans Saints20
Denver Broncos20
Indianapolis Colts20
Seattle Seahawks19
Los Angeles Rams19
Washington Commanders19
New York Giants19
Las Vegas Raiders19
Minnesota Vikings18
Los Angeles Chargers17
Pittsburgh Steelers16
Chicago Bears14
New York Jets12

Highest Win Percentage – Week 2

Dallas Cowboys70.2%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers67.5%
Philadelphia Eagles65.8%
Detroit Lions63.3%
Buffalo Bills60.6%
Cleveland Browns59.7%
San Francisco 49ers58.3%
Arizona Cardinals58.2%
Tennessee Titans56.7%
Houston Texans53.3%
New England Patriots52.9%
Kansas City Chiefs52.0%
Carolina Panthers50.7%
Denver Broncos50.4%
Green Bay Packers50.4%
Baltimore Ravens50.1%
Cincinnati Bengals49.9%
Atlanta Falcons49.6%
Washington Commanders49.6%
New Orleans Saints49.3%
Jacksonville Jaguars48.1%
Miami Dolphins47.1%
Indianapolis Colts46.7%
Los Angeles Chargers43.3%
New York Giants41.8%
Los Angeles Rams41.7%
Pittsburgh Steelers40.3%
Las Vegas Raiders39.4%
Seattle Seahawks36.7%
Minnesota Vikings34.2%
Chicago Bears32.5%
New York Jets29.8%

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