2015 NFL Playoff Predictions


We told you the Seahawks would win Super Bowl XLVIII in our NFL preseason predictions and that it’d be the Seahawks vs. Patriots at Super Bowl XLIX in last season’s predictions.


2016 AFC Playoff Predictions

AFC Wildcard Playoff Predictions

(3) Kansas City Chiefs beat (6) Miami Dolphins

(4) Baltimore Ravens beat (5) Denver Broncos

Divisional Playoff Predictions

(4) Baltimore Ravens beat (1) Indianapolis Colts

(2) New England Patriots beat (3) Kansas City Chiefs

AFC Conference Championship Prediction

(2) New England Patriots beat (4) Baltimore Ravens

2016 NFC Playoff Predictions

NFC Wildcard Playoff Predictions

(3) Dallas Cowboys beat (6) Arizona Cardinals

(5) Philadelphia Eagles beat (4) New Orleans Saints

Divisional Playoff Predictions

(1) Green Bay Packers beat (5) Philadelphia Eagles

(2) Seattle Seahawks beat (3) Dallas Cowboys

NFC Conference Championship Prediction

(1) Green Bay Packers beat (2) Seattle Seahawks

Now it’s time to announce our Super Bowl 50 prediction. 06-04-2014-super-bowl-50-logo-skyline

The SportsFormulator Super Bowl 50 Prediction:

Green Bay Packers beat New England Patriots

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