Save the NBA Dunk Contest

by Matt Fischer

It’s time to make a major change to the NBA Dunk Contest or pull the plug on it.  It’s been unwatchable too many times in the past decade.  It’s devolved into watch acrobatics in the air that don’t finish with a dunk.  Don’t fret NBA dunk fans, I have a plan to save the NBA Dunk Contest!

3 NBA Dunk Contest Renovations

  • $1 Million to the Winner

The Association needs to pony up the cash.  Set it in a pile at center court for the winner to grab at the end of the contest.  This could attract young stars.  I’d like to see the winner take two fistfuls of cash and go dunk that!

  • 24 Second Clock Per Dunk

Each dunker gets 24 seconds to complete their dunk each round.  No more eternal waits as we watch 25 missed dunks in a row.

  • Single Elimination Style Dunk Tournament

Six contestants start and each get 24 seconds to impress the judges.  Lowest score is eliminated until we’re down to the final two who dunk off for the championship

The NBA Dunk Contest needs a massive overhaul and just a few simple changes can bring us back to the days when it was relevant and raised the profile of the winner. 

My 2023 NBA Dunk Contest Entrants:

  • Obi Toppin (reigning NBA Dunk Champion)
  • Ja Morant
  • Anthony Edwards
  • Jonathan Kuminga
  • Russell Westbrook (image rehabilitation would be great for him)
  • Derrick Jones Jr. (former dunk champ)

Let’s make the NBA Dunk Contest must watch!  Make it return to being the feature of NBA All-Star Saturday Night like it was with these dunks:

NBA implement these changes now and save the dunk contest or end it. The way it is now, I never plan to watch again unless you rename it the “Missed Dunk Contest”.

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